5 Best Comedy Roles of Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma the “King of comedy.” Even some facts state that, he is the most admired person in India. Currently, he is hosting a comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show.” People love him so much because they watch his show. That shows makes them relaxed and gives them a little break from their worries. Many people come on his shows and tell him that they have healed serious diseases like cancer by watching his show as his show makes them happy. He and his team play many funny roles on their show.

Five best comedy roles of Kapil Sharma are listed as follows:

  • Kapil Sharma as Shamsher Singh: Kapil has been playing the role of Haryanvi cop named Shamshersingh, right from the beginning of his career in the show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He was the winner of this show. He also made this character very famous. This role gave recognition to the talent of Kapil. Till now his stand with this role makes people roll on the floors with laughter.
  • Kapil Sharma as Chappu Sharma: In this,Kapil plays the role of Chappu Sharma, who is the brother of Kappu Sharma. Chappu Sharma is a sweet innocent boy, with a sharp brain in order to befool people. Whenever Kapil plays Chappusharma role, every time he opens a new business. Sometimes he opens Thoko cooking classes, or driving school, or opens UdhanChoo airlines or sometimes he opens his own bakery shop. The mess which he creates from his business entertains people.
  • Kapil Sharma as Mr.Arora: The funniest role of Kapil is when he plays Mr.Arora. Even to play this role, his appearance is also very funny. Whenever he enters the scene, he is always talking on phone and shows himself to be very busy. But he is not. Whenever he comes, he always pulls the leg of BachaYadav, Sapna and Chandu. He always flirts with the female celebrity who so ever comes on his show.
  • Kapil Sharma as ShatrughanSinha: Again a very popular and most liked role of Kapilsharma is when he mimics Mr.ShatrughanSinha. He speaks little bit of Bihari language when he is playing this role. He becomes the host of the game named KonBhelCrorepati. The way he executes his dialogues and moves his stands in opposite direction quickly, making people happy. Though he has been warned by ShatryghanSinha and SonakshiSinha, not to cross his limit while doing the mimicry.
  • Kapil Sharma as Qawwali Singer Ustaad Medium Begum Ali: This role is new addition. But is very much liked by his fans. In this, he wears a black kurta and pajama along with a red handkerchief on his both wrists and a golden cap. The way he says his qawwali and does some dance steps, entertains people. He taunts every member of the team, even the judge ArchanaPuran Singh in a very funny qawwalis.

Kapil never let his fans down. He has made one of the best comedy shows of India. To watch the videos of Kapil Sharma performing these roles, download Vidmate 2019. A new version of the app and enjoy these videos anywhere and at anytime. Install this app now!

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