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Anil Kapoor is a very well-known and famous Bollywood star who has appeared mainly in Hindi mainstream movies. His acting career has spanned almost 40 years till date in which he has come in a numerous variety of roles. He has also appeared in many International movies and television shows and serials. Very much popular and recognized for his emphatic yet casual way of dialogue delivery, song and dance scenes, romance and family drama abilities as well as comedy roles, Anil Kapoor is one of the major figures of recent Bollywood cinema.

The most distinguishable feature in his early day’s movies was the casual way of dressing and the stubble beard which made him a regular feature in the lovable rowdy type hero. The stubble beard was totally new to the Hindi movie hero and this acceptance and popularity made this style very common in Hindi and other regional language movies.

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He made his first appearance in Hindi movies in the very late seventies and for the next three to four years was involved in many movies which did not create a major impact on the box office. He also appeared in couple of Telugu and Kannada movies and even enacted a role in famous director Manu Ratnam’s directorial debut. It was through the movie Who Saath Din that Anil Kapoor got his first big visibility in Hindi cinema. The movie also won him applause or his emotional and free style of acting. From then on he came in many movies most of which was on commercial mainstream. The 1988 movie Tezaab was another hit movie that put him as one of the top stars of Bollywood. The runaway success of the movie branded him as a hero to be well set for a long time.

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The 1990’s was a mix of many movies for the actor some of which were every successful and some had mixed success. The movies which were a big hit included Laadla , 1942 a love story, Judai. He paired with almost all the top heroines of the times.

In the year 2008 he acted in the Oscar award winning British movie Slumdog Millionaire as TV host show presenter. The movie swept the Oscar awards that year and Anil Kapoor’s performance won him rare reviews. He also came in a major role in the Television series 24 in the 8th season episodes. His acting here also was appreciated by the USA media.

In his overall acting career, he has received 2 national awards and 6 film fare awards.

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