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The music is an art. It includes everything such as comics, rhythm, instruments such as guitar, violin, table, etc. which provides peace, calm to the mind and also inspires everyone to do what you want. It is helpful to watch the videos as they provide some meaning to the song. Earlier in the 80’s people used to buy a CD or Cassette for listening to music but with the passage of time, the internet has brought many changes. Now these can be downloaded for free from anywhere. The best app to use is VIDMATE. Following is the list of the best and inspirational musical videos that have changed the era of music.

  1. Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

The Thriller song, which was directed by John was one of the biggest selling albums of all time. It touched 9 million copies and is one of the best which is safeguarded in the library of National Congress Film Registry. The thriller video is still recognizable from the time it was made in Dec,1983. The 15-minutes video is melodic chillers which is the composition of creepy elements that combines originality with the camp enjoyment to an unexpected reaction, which led him to become successful.

  1. Peter Gabriel, “Sledge Hammer

The video is directed by Stephen R. Johnson. The video focused attention on the motion – stop and also on the animation or comic talents of Nick Park. In this video Gabriel laid down below the sheet of glass for almost 16 hours and won 9 awards for the same from MTV music video awards. It is the most played inspirational video that is played in today’s time also.

  1. Okgo, “Here It Goes Again”

It is directed by Trish Sie. The idea that was demonstrated through the video was well executed and choreographed. It focused on how one can dance on the 8 treadmills and the video become the indispensable on YouTube. The video became a watershed moment for the development of the music industry on internet.

  1. Madonna, “Like A Prayer

It is directed by Marry Lambert. The song relates to- about a girl who believes in love with God, and ultimately, he is the only male figure in her life. It also attracts attention by reason of race and religion. It helped Madonna to reach success on this way.

  1. Childish Gambino, “This Is America

The song marks the issue of gun violence in the United States (US), continues to preside the national debate, bias and racism against African Americans also.It’s another essential composition includes the work that combines with the terrific performance.

The videos or songs can be downloaded from Vidmate app. It can be downloaded in the lesser time and with good quality of the video. The main reason to download app is that it never demands much permissions, especially personal details. Though, by using the app, you can download or you can watch the same at that time. The app is free of cost and is compatible with 20 popular sites. So, download and enjoy the videos.

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