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Movies are intriguing and will surely remain a point of attraction for people of all ages. With advancements in technology and the introduction of innovation into almost all aspects of life, movies have been taken to a whole different level. Movies have even gotten more popular now. Cinemas and movie studios continuously air movies to keep their audiences thrilled and satisfied. This is why there are now more genres of movies being exploited. There’s basically something for everyone. Blockbusters are also being produced every time and movie lovers have something to look forward to. However, how do these individuals get access to their movies?

Movies have now also been made easily accessible and users of mobile devices can make use of them easily and conveniently. It is now very easy to gain access to different movies online and stream them to enjoy their content. Getting content such as movie subtitles have also been made quite simple. These movies can also be accessed from a variety of devices. What this means is that you can watch your movie on any device as long as you have access to reliable network connection; wi-fi hotspot and internet connection.

Now, movies are great but without the right resources, it can be quite difficult for you to get access to your favorite movies without access to a reliable internet connection. Without BidMate, getting your movies offline could end up costing you quite a lot. When downloading such videos, it may end up costing too much data connection or paying a lot of money to get movies of good quality. It can be annoying when you have to spend so much to enjoy your favorite movie. It can also be frustrating when you can’t watch movies at your own convenience. If you’re tired of all the inconvenience associated with downloading movies, this is a great choice for you.

BidMate allows its users to download movies on their phones and they don’t have to spend long periods without access to their favorite movies. It offers you offline access to movies. This means it can be watched on locally on the mobile phone and can also be shared.

How to make use of BidMate?

BidMate is a very useful app which can be used to download movies to be watched locally. It makes searching for movies quite easy and users can search for virtually any type of movie of their choice. Another important benefit of this video downloading tool is that it can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices. It is known to be widely available on phones powered by different types of Android OS. This tool is able to work on Android versions as old as Android 4.4

Users of this app also get to enjoy different video viewing qualities. When searching for movies with the use of this took, you no longer need to spend hours looking for its HD version. BidMate provides you with access to all available video qualities of that movie. It offers movies to users in HD quality to as low as 3gp.

What really makes BidMate special is its unlimited access to movies. Users of the unique downloading toolq are able to enjoy access to thousands of movies linked to different websites online.

To top it all, the app is very simple to use and quite easy to navigate. BidMate excels due to its simple interface and the fact that customers have found the app easy and convenient to use.

So, how do you really make use of BidMate?

  1. The first thing to do is to download vid mate. BidMate can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store but can be gotten from other sources and links all over the internet. All you need to do is download the APK file on your phone. This app will be saved as a download to your mobile phone.
  2. Locate the APK file using the file manager of your mobile phone and install the app. Before installation, you may need to enable your phone to “install from unknown sources”. As soon as the installation is complete, launch the app.
  3. Once the app launches fully, you will be directed to the home screen. On this page, you will find trending videos and movie suggestions. It’s possible to find the movie of your choice here. If not, you can search for it.
  4. To search for the movie, you need to locate and click on the search bar. Input the title of the movie and let BidMate search for you.
  5. As soon as the search is complete, the app will present you with a list of options from which you can download the movie. Each option is a link to a website with different versions of the movie; each movie will match the title or keyword which you have searched for. It will also include details of the website from which the movies will be downloaded.
  6. Click on the download icon. It is located on the left side of each option.
  7. Next, you will have to decide on the details of the movie to be downloaded. Here, you will also have to choose the quality of the video to be downloaded. It is also possible for you to choose your file format here.
  8. As soon as you have chosen all the necessary details and picked your preferences about the video, you can click on the download button to start the download.
  9. This movie will be downloaded to a BidMate dedicated folder. This folder can be accessed via the phone’s file manager. After the movie has been downloaded, users can watch it whenever they choose.

This means goodbye to all those difficult-to-use videos downloading apps. BidMate users can download their movies quickly and easily. Before heading out, get this app installed and make use of it to download your favorite movies. Users can make use of the in-built search engine or the videos featured on the app to keep things interesting.

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