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What is Vidmate and how to install the app?

Vidmate App

Watching videos is the favourite activity of many of the smartphone users in this era. Different platforms are there where one can find some of the best videos in different categories. The recent craze of video-based content has taken the entire nation by storm. With people spending hours creating videos or binge-watching hours of their […]

How To Download Videos From Youtube Using Vidmate App

Vidmate App

YouTube is an excellent platform to share and discuss content of more or less any kind in video form. Videos tend to catch and hold the attention of many audiences rather than any other form of media. This helps creators and influencers not just grow an audience and following but also gain fans. Fans are […]

Vidmate 2011 old version download

Are you looking for an old version of Vidmate, preferably Vidmate 2011? There are many reasons why you may want to download the old Vidmate 2011 version. Although the latest version of Vidmate, that is, Vidmate 2019, is quite compatible and easily runs on the previous versions of Android, some very old phones may not […]

Vidmate 2015 download old version

Vidmate 2015 is one of the recent versions of the great video downloading mobile app although, if you want to download an old version and if the 2015 version works on your Android mobile phone, then you should definitely download this particular version. This is because it has the best of the previous versions as […]