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The CID is a police crime drama television series and the episodes features on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). It falls in the crime thriller genre. The CID series is based out in Mumbai and its episodes deals with the various crimes tacked by ACP Pradyuman and his team of police offers to nab the culprits. The other main characters in the serial include senior inspectors Abhijeet and Dayanand, forensic expert Dr Salunkhe, Inspector Freddie and other female police officers.

Watch any of the favourite episodes and special action packed scenes from the CID series through the Vidmate app. Recollect the memories when you started watching it during the college days and now well into your late thirties something and sitting with your son and watching it again. That’s really cool !

The power of Vidmate app unleashed to watch the longest running TV series in India – CID. Criminals and fraudsters, watch out! Your days are numbered.

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The CID is the longest running serial in the history of Indian Television. The first episode was aired in January 1998, the five hundredth episode in September 2008 and the thousand five hundredth episode in February 2018. Although there is a temporary break announced as of now, it is now expected to resume soon. It is one of the most popular and widely followed serials in India and many of its characters have over the years become household names. Most of the episodes have been shot in Mumbai and Maharashtra but there are many episodes that have foreign locales as well for their shooting. It is not just the characters but also the acting style of some the main characters that have become popular.

Especially of senior inspector Daya and his famous slap to the criminal after nabbing them!!

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