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Gulzar as known by his pen name or by the name and title Gulzaar Saab is one of the most versatile and respected Fine Arts personalities in India. He is a director and filmmaker, poet, lyricist and writer.  He is renowned for his work and achievement in serious movies, literature and poetry, although his maximum association has been with the cine line. His movie works have got international acclaim including Academy and Grammy awards. He has penned many poems for his movies and in general also. For his achievements in the literary circle, he was given the Sahitya Akademi Award and also has been bestowed the highest award in Indian cinema namely Dadasaheb Phalke award. This is apart from the several national awards that has been accorded to him.

Gulzar movies is a combination of human relationship, events that have actually taken place, realism, social and cultural fencing, generational bonding and gaps. Virtually every movie made by him has been considered as classic or near to it.

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Below given are the five immortal movies of the great Gulzar Saab.

Aandhi – This movie was released in the year 1975 and apart from direction, the lyrics were also composed by Gulzar. The movie outline is a political story background and dwells on the relationship between an estranged couple. It faced its own controversies at the time of release due to its story resemblance with a former prime minister of India and was not cleared by the censor board. Eventually, the movie was released only two years after its completion. The story begins in a hotel wherein the manager of the same saves a young politician from an embarrassing scenario. They fall in love and get married. However, the aspirations and the necessity of the wife to continue with her political career leads to a wedge between them. Several years later, they meet again. Even after so many years, they share the same feelings for one another but cannot get reunited due to social and political compulsions. The movie is famous for its songs which are popular even today.

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Mausam : This was made in the same as year as Aandhi and was also released the same year. The male lead actor is also the same as the previous movie, namely Sanjeev Kumar. The movie is inspired from the book Judas Tree by famous author A J Cronin. It tells story of a young man who is about to start his career as a doctor. He falls in love with the daughter of the local healer during his visit to the picturesque town of Darjeeling. They promise to get married son after he has cleared his exams. It never happens. Years later, the same doctor, now a wealthy person, comes to the town to enquire about the girl he once loved. He comes to know she has died heartbroken after her marriage to someone else and now has a daughter who is a look alike. This daughter has been forcibly sold by one of her family members to a brothel. The doctor now takes the young girl from there but the crude and rustic girl starts having feelings for him while the other way round he looks at her like his daughter.

Lekin : This movie released in 1991, tells the story of a government officer posted in Rajasthan to take the inventory list of some of the items in the historical palace of Raja Param Singh. The officer meets a mysterious girl right from his journey in the train by the name Rewa. These meetings continue even when he reaches the abandoned palace and starts staying with his close friends. Disturbed by the vision of the girl, he tries to find the truth and slowly he would come to know the real story behind this girl – Rewa, the tragedy, and his own past birth mingled in it. It is a philosophical depiction of the unfulfilled happiness of humans resulting in their continued sub conscious existence in the world even after their demise.

Maachis : This movie was released in the year 1996 and it is a time based political thriller movie. The story is set on the 1980’s militancy movement that badly scarred Punjab. It is about the youth of the state who get pulled towards militancy and anti-national activities mainly due to sheer police brutality. It covers the main political incidents leading to the growth of militancy in the state.  The movie puts the blame on police force as well as elements of the militant group. Both are criticized for their cruel acts. The songs of the movie were also big hits.

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Hu Tu Tu –  This movie was released in the year 1999 and this was again a political thriller movie. The lead actress is the same as that of Maachis namely Tabu. The movie has its background in Maharashtra political power play and rural distress. The story exposes the high end corruption, power control and ruthless manipulations played at the top level in political parties. The glimmer of hope comes from some of the younger generation who are against this vile power play. But the method they choose is condemned. The movie sends the powerful message of protecting the youth of the country from corruption through basic level education and values.

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