How to Download Movies from Vidmate?

Watching videos with a poor internet connection is downright boring! The constant buffering will get on your nerves to such an extent that you might decide to forgo watching the video. Get over this technical shortcoming by downloading the video using the latest app in town, Vidmate. Now, you can watch the videos even when there is no internet – no need for buffering!

Steps for downloading the app

Here is how you download the free-to-use Vidmate, video downloading the app. Begin by going to the site and download the Vidmate APK file. Since it is an APK file, you will not need to have a Google account. There will be a problem with the phone which will ask whether you want to download and even stop the download. To avoid this problem, open the Downloads folder on your phone. Open the Settings tab and click on Installation from Unknown Sources. Click on OK.

Now, click on the Vidmate file that you have downloaded. Click on Run when asked for permission and click Allow if it gives you a warning. Once the Vidmate app has installed on your Android phone, you can download and watch movies, songs, and other videos.

Method of Downloading Movies

Go to the video streaming site such as Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Metacafe, or Dailymotion. Copy the URL.
● Open the Home screen of the Vidmate app.
● Search for your favorite film by using the search option. Here you could also paste the URL that you copied to make the search easy.
● Alternatively, you could search using keywords such as titles names of actors and so on.
● On the Home screen, there will be a list of trending movies and most downloaded movies.
● Once you have the movie that you want, click on that. This will now show the Download button alongside the video.
● Click on the Download button and your download will begin.
● Save it to a folder on your phone. You may use a memory stick to store your movie video.
● Now, it is possible to see the movie of your choice at your leisure.

Features of Vidmate app

● It is extremely user-friendly so anyone will be able to navigate the controls easily.
● Compared to other video downloading apps, Vidmate downloads 200% faster.
● It is possible to download videos in the quality you choose – HD, Low quality, 360p, and 1080p. The advantage of downloading low-quality videos is that it will download very fast. There is not much difference between HD quality and low-quality videos.
● All videos presented through the Vidmate app are from trusted sources meaning your phone will not get infected by a virus or malware.
● One could choose the format in which one wants the video. For instance, you could choose it to be MPG, MP4, 3GP, TS, MOV, MKV, WMV, or AVI. Here choose that format that is compatible with your phone. It will play one of these formats alone.
● Use passcodes to secure your personal videos. This will prevent anyone from tampering with them.
● You can use the Pause feature so that you can pause during a download and resume it when you come back.

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