How to download Vidmate app for Android & PC

If you have been trying to download and install Vidmate using Google Play Store, you must be at a loss because this great video downloading app is not listed on the Play Store. But there is no need to worry. On Android phones, you can straightaway download APK app files, save them locally and then install them with a single tap.

You can download Vidmate from the source website

Vidmate is such a popular video downloading mobile app that multiple websites host it and you may download it whenever you come across the latest copy. Just make sure that you download and install the latest copy. Although every version of Vidmate is great, the newer versions come packed with new features and security patches.

For the sake of this tutorial, you can download and install Vidmate from this link.When you download Vidmate, there’s a 99% chance that it will be saved in your Downloads folder on your Android mobile phone. Once you have downloaded the file, you can navigate to the Downloads folder using the File Manager app.

But before you can download and install Vidmate, you will need to make some changes to your Android mobile phone settings so that your phone allows you to download and install and Android file from a non-Google Play Store source.

You see, Android comes from Google and Google wants to trap you in its ecosystem. Hence, by default, all the Android mobile phones and tablets don’t allow you to independently download APK files and install your favourite apps.

Android is an open platform so Google cannot really stop you from downloading independent APK files. So, it is hidden a feature that allows you to download and install mobile apps like Vidmate from other sources and you don’t necessarily have to install these apps through Google Play Store.

Go to Settings and then move to Security. There you will find an option – Install from Unknown Sources – check it if it isn’t already checked.

It is very important that you select this option before you can download and install Vidmate.

How to download Vidmate on your PC

Vidmate is a great video downloading mobile app and we are sure that once you start using it on your mobile phone, you will be hooked. So, you will also want to use it on your PC or laptop running on Windows 10.

The benefit of downloading and installing Vidmate on your PC is that the way you download videos on your mobile phone, you will also be able to download them on your PC or laptop.

Since Vidmate is an Android video downloading app and it needs the Android operating system to run, you will need to create a virtual environment on your Windows PC to be able to run Android. This is where BlueStack can help you. It is a Windows 10 app that creates a virtual Android environment within which you can run Android apps and even play games that you otherwise play on your Android mobile phone.

Just like any other play store, you can use the BlueStack interface to search for Vidmate, find it, and install it on your PC. Once you have downloaded Vidmate and installed it on your PC or laptop, you can download your favourite videos just as you would on your mobile phone.

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