How to download YouTube Videos from Vidmate app?

Vidmate app is one of the hottest new Android apps that offer free video streaming. Users can view millions of videos through the app. Not only this, this mobile application allows its users to download these videos for free. Unlike other conventional video streaming applications, Vidmate is completely free and offers its customers free unlimited downloads. Vidmate is available exclusively to Android users, while PC users can also use Vidmate on their windows supported devices.

One of the main special features that make Vidmate one of the best video streaming app is that it allows its users to download videos from different sources. The app is designed in such a way it allows its users to access the database of various other video streaming websites. By accessing their library, Vidmate is easily able to download videos in the desired format. The downloaded file is independent of the platform and can be downloaded in a universal format. So the users can easily share the downloaded file between their friends through Whatsapp, ShareIt or other applications.

YouTube videos can also be downloaded through the Vidmate app. The minimalistic and elegant design of the app is easy to understand, so users would face no trouble or time in downloading the video.

How to download YouTube videos through Vidmate App-

  1. The user needs to first search the video he needs to download. The search bar at the top can be used to narrow down the search of the video.
  2. The results displayed in the application are according to the source. So the user has the option to select the results of YouTube. The user can directly view the results of the YouTube search directly from the Vidmate app.
  3. The user would then be asked to select the desired format and video size. The user can select from a number of formats, including mp4, mp3, flv, etc.
  4. The process is quite simple as the developers designed the app keeping in mind that the users should take no time in downloading their desired content.
  5. Before downloading begins, the user can see the estimated size of each downloadable file. This gives the user to download files in different sizes, according to the space their device allows.
  6. Users can also directly paste the link of the video into the Vidmate browser. If your friend has forwarded you a link, or you can copy the link from any other browser, you can easily download videos from Vidmate. Just paste the copied link into the Vidmate app. The application will quickly locate the video, giving you its options for file format and size.

All videos downloaded through the Vidmate app can be shared by their users. The mobile application is currently available to Android users. While the mobile application is free to download, it is not available on Google Play. As a result, users that don’t have a Google account can easily download this mobile application through their official website without any charges, or need of a social account.

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