How Vidmate Is Best Video Downloader For Android?

Video buffering and video downloading are two similar terms, but often smartphone users can’t do the same.  Many smartphone apps offer users unlimited video content, but users can’t download most of them. Also, their video viewing experience is often disrupted by ads, which are not only uninteresting but also make the viewer switch apps. Smartphone users also don’t have a decent internet connection everywhere. As a result, they are often waiting for the video to buffer. This wait for the buffering is irritating and is often a result of the app or website you are using.

Fast & Secure Connection with unlimited downloads

Vidmate app is one of the best android apps in the smartphone market. It offers its users the benefit of downloading unlimited videos. Unlike various other apps, users can use the Vidmate to download any video they want. The bandwidth offered by the servers of the Vidmate app is also quite good, so users seldom have to wait while their videos buffer. The bandwidth offered by various other video streaming apps isn’t constant, resulting in a frequent drop in links while the Vidmate app provides its users with a secure connection and a strong bandwidth. While downloading videos through this application, users can also boost their downloading speed. Just tap the settings option in the app, users can select whether they want to throttle their download speed or not. Vidmate users hence get the added benefit of viewing any video anywhere, since they can either download the video beforehand or view the video using Vidmate app’s fast and secure connection.

Download Videos from anywhere

Vidmate users not only get the benefit of downloading unlimited videos from the app, but they can also use it to download videos from different platforms such as YouTube and MetaCafe. Here are two ways using which you can download videos from any platform using Vidmate-

  • Open the YouTube video using the Vidmate app and you will get the option to download the video.
  • Open the YouTube video in your phone’s browser and copy the link of the video you want to download. Then paste the link into the Vidmate app and click download.

Download Videos in any format

While downloading videos from the Vidmate app, users get the option to download the video in any format and size. The app offers various formats such as MP4, FLV, and 3GP. Not only this, but users can also select the display size of the video, which impacts the download size of the file. So if the user has low space in his phone, they can download the video in a smaller format. The downloaded videos can be accessed from the app and the phone’s gallery. Unlike videos downloaded from the YouTube app, users can share the downloaded videos using Whatsapp, Facebook, and other platforms.

No need for a Google Account to download Vidmate

The Vidmate app is available exclusively to Android smartphone users. However, the users don’t need a Google Account to download this app. Since most Android applications require a Google Account to download the videos through PlayStore, you don’t need one to download this app. Just visit the Vidmate website and download the app.           

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