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Vidmate is a app or tool which allows a person to download any video from any of the social media network ( like ;Facebook, Instagram, vimeo and more). And one of the best thing about this app is that it is totally free of cost. Vidmate app doesn’t charge money for their service.
Vidmate has been developed to enhance people’s entertainment.

As we all know that in today’s time everywhere has some Internet issue. Most of the people like watching videos or movies. But due to internet problem they can’t watch videos online. As Facebook is very largest social media platform we know. It has 2 billion + users in all over the world. So you can think that how Internet can go down if all the people watch videos on Facebook. This problem is solved by vidmate, because vidmate has the feature which is you can download any type of video whether it is on Facebook or in any other social media. There is link copy space, where you have to paste the video link ( example :- Facebook video link of any video ). You can download the videos for free and can watch video offline.

Facebook also has one feature to download the video but there is no any feature to download the video in your device memory. So here comes Vidmate, from vidmate you can download any type of video direct into your device gallery or memory. One of the best thing people love about vidmate is that, you can also download video in HD.

As when you are using Facebook or Instagram, and you like one video and you want to send that video to your friend but you can’t download in your phone. Then you can use Vidmate for downloading video.

Download Vidmate App Latest Version Free

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 11.03 MB
Version V3.35
Developer Vidmate
Original Website
Downloads 100,00,000 +

What are the some best features of Vidmate downloading app ?

There are some brilliant feature of Vidmate app which people are likes always. So below you can check all the steps which define the best feature of Vidmate :
  1. Vidmate app is very safe and secure app to use.
  2. It has very simple interface with simple buttons and if you click on any option on it, then it open very fast ( instantly ).
  3. You can download any video which us available on any social network ( facebook, insatgram, vimeo or tumblr ). etc
  4. One of the best feature is that you can download video in any quality ( 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD or more.)
  5. You can download videos in vest fast mode, it takes only second to download videos.
  6. Overall, people 100% trust this app and use this app daily to download videos.
  7. You can also watch live TV on Vidmate app ( it has over 200 channels which is very useful )
  8. You can watch trending news and listen music in it.

How to download Vidmate in your device ?

As some people know that Vidmate is not available on play store. So below are some some steps which can help you to download Vidmate app in your device easily :-

  1. Download the vidmate apk file from our site ( the link or download banner is shown above ).
  2. After the apk file download you need to install the file in your device.
  3. Now, for successfully install the app in your smartphone you need to enable the ‘unknown source’ in your smartphone setting.
  4. After enabling this setting your app will successfully installed in your device.
  5. Now you can use the app for downloading any videos ( directly into your device ).

How you can use Vidmate downloading app in your device?

Using vidmate downloading app is very easy and simple. Everyone can use this app because it’s is very very simple. But if you are using it first time then you must check out below steps to learn how to download the videos through vidmate app.

Below are some steps by which you can easily understand how to use Vidmate app –

  1. Tap on the Vidmate app to launch the app in your device.
  2. After the app opens, on the top of the side you will see one search bar where you can Search a video your want to see or download. You need to write video name or some words which matchs to your video.
  3. Also, you can watch trending and best rating videos on vidmate app.
  4. Not only for Facebook, you can download any video which is available on any social media ( Twitter, Instagram, vimeo, tumblr and more ).
  5. You can download video in any quality you prefer like if you want hd video then vidmate will increase the video size and give you the option to download the video in hd quality.

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app allows you to download videos in any format

The great thing about the Vidmate video downloading mobile app is it allows you to download your videos in your favourite formats. The popular formats supported by Vidmate are

  • FLV
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • WMV
  • 3GP
  • ASF
  • RM
  • SWF

Many more format capabilities are constantly being added to the Vidmate video downloading mobile app.

Not just the format, you can also decide the quality of the video that you download. For example, you can choose to download low quality videos, HD videos and a range from 360p to 1080p.

Install Vidmate right now and start downloading your favourite videos in your favourite formats.

Can you use Vidmate in your PC or Laptop ?

Yes obviously, you can use Vidmate in your PC or laptop. Below are some steps by which you can download the vidmate in your PC or laptop –

  1. Open your browser and type ‘ ‘.
  2. Now after google interface shows, you need to search ‘ download bluestack app’.
  3. After downloading blue stack app in your PC or laptop, you need to find the file in your device file manager and has to install the bluestack app in your PC or laptop.
  4. Now after successful download of bluestack you need to launch the app. And after app opens you have to search ‘ Vidmate apk ‘ on it.
  5. Click on the vidmate app on bluestack app, and download the app in your PC or laptop.
  6. After you download the app, you can use ‘ Vidmate ‘ easily in your PC or laptop.

Now you can understood all about Vidmate downloading app. That video downloading app can help you more if you love to watch videos on videos sites or love movies. Then Vidmate can become your digital friend which helps you every time. In above, we have told you all about Vidmate app that is; how to use vidmate app, its features and benefits, and at last how to use vidamte in PC or laptop.

Increasing the speed of video downloads in Vidmate

Although, ultimately the speed of the video downloads in the Vidmate video downloading mobile app depends on your Internet connection, you can also make your own tweaks to speed up the process in some cases. To enable fast downloading, you will need to change your download settings. Here is how to do it:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, go to the “Me” tab.
  2. Go to Settings and then go to Download Settings.
  3. On this screen, turn on the option Fast Download Mode.
  4. This should increase your download speed.

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app FAQs

  • Are videos that are downloaded saved as independent files?

Yes, the files that are downloaded from your favourite video streaming websites and apps are downloaded as independent files that can be played using your favourite video playing app.

  • Can Vidmate version 2021 is able to download videos from any source?

Yes! Vidmate 2021 has now access of some new websites and portals, which provide you the downloading videos from any source. Plus, you are able to download videos by pasting the link of the videos you want to download.

  • Can one decide the format of the videos being downloaded with Vidmate?

Yes, all contemporary video formats can be selected when you are downloading your video through Vidmate. More formats are constantly being added.

  • How easy it is to download videos using the Vidmate video downloading mobile app?

Extremely easy. Just launch the app. Use the search bar on the home screen to find the video you want to download. All the video streaming services where the video is available will be listed. You can select from where you want to download the video. You can select the quality and the format of the video and then download it on your mobile phone.

  • Can we download videos faster than earlier?

Yes of course, the latest Vidmate version 2021 is absolutely capable of providing the faster downloading speed. Now your favorite videos will download more quickly than ever before.

  • What is the Latest Update of Vidmate latest version 2021 is regarding to?

The new update of Vidmate 2021 is all about better performance and deliberation as you can perform the tasks of downloading videos more easily and smoothly.

  • Can I transfer the videos from my mobile phone to my PC or laptop?

Sure you can. Since the files are stored as independent video files, like any other files they can be transferred to any other device.

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