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Install iTube to stream unlimited movies, videos and music

Looking for a legitimate video and movie streaming mobile app for Android that you can seamlessly download and install on your Android mobile phone? Then you need iTube.

iTube is one of the most widely used video, movie and music streaming mobile apps.

Why you should download and use iTube instead of the standard YouTube app?

Although YouTube has a great interface one of the biggest problems with its app is that in order to be able to listen to songs or even to download videos, YouTube constantly needs to be active. That is, in order to be able to your YouTube, you shouldn’t be using any other app.

This may make sense when you are watching a movie in real-time, but if you want to buffer the movie first, save it off-line or just want to play a music video to listen to the music instead of watching the video while doing something else on your phone, this can be a big drag because YouTube stops working.

This problem can be solved with iTube. It seamlessly works in the background. It also downloads the video in advance while you are watching the video. You can download other videos while you’re watching your current video. This way you can save on bandwidth, loading time and even battery. This way, you can watch videos or listen to music where there is no Internet connectivity. iTube removes ads before it shows the video to you.

The biggest advantage of using iTube is that it can play in the background. So, while your favourite music video is playing, you can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any other mobile app. You can also read your favourite book while classical music plays in the background.


How to download iTube on your Android device

Downloading and installing iTube is very easy. Although it is an Android app, you don’t need a Google account to make use of it. You can simply download the iTube.APK file, save it somewhere on your device, navigate to the folder where you have saved it, and simply tap on it to install it.

Not installing? Don’t worry. Sometimes Android makes it a bit difficult to download and install apps outside of Google Play Store. You just need to go to Settings, and then Apps, to turn on “Enable Unknown sources” so that you can install independent .apk files.

While you are playing a video, the app also allows you to download and save the video so that the next time you play it through iTube, it will simply play it from the cache, without the Internet connection.

What are the benefits of downloading and installing iTube?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of downloading and installing iTube is that it can play in the background while playing YouTube videos, a feature that it unavailable if you use the standard YouTube app. Other features are listed below…

  1. The inbuilt search function within iTube allows you to search for movies, TV serials and music videos.
  2. You can create and maintain multiple playlists.
  3. You can zoom in and zoom out while watching videos.
  4. You can easily change the orientation of the video while it is playing.
  5. Hundreds of premade, predefined categories of movies and music videos available.
  6. You can quickly search within your own history to find you favourite videos to play faster.
  7. Related videos are automatically displayed after you have watched a particular video.
  8. Search by song title, movie title, or any other search term…no need to log into the YouTube app.

Ready to enjoy your videos, movies and songs just the way you like them? Then download iTube today and supercharge your experience.

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