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YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming services on the Internet. We know that you use YouTube to listen to your favourite songs, podcasts, speeches, and even study materials. There are many videos you can find just on YouTube – for their audio quality – that you cannot find anywhere else. The problem is, even when you just want to listen to the audio, you have to keep YouTube running at the top. Once you start using YouTube, you cannot use any other app without halting or pausing the YouTube video. This is where the iTube app can help you. Once you have downloaded and saved the videos in the iTube app, you can watch them without Internet. It is an Android app that you can install to watch YouTube videos. You can also download its iOS version.

Download music videos from YouTube with iTube so that you can watch them or listen to them later

You want to save on bandwidth, right? You want to be able to watch and listen to your favourite music videos even when the Internet connection is slow or absent. Although mobile data packages are quite affordable these days, often they are not reliable. When you stream your music videos in real time, lots of time will be spent on buffering the videos and this will spoil your mood.

The choice in YouTube is practically unlimited. Even your favourite bands are uploading their music videos onto YouTube.

Though you can download your videos using the YouTube app so that you can watch them and listen to them later, one of the biggest problems with the default YouTube mobile app is that you always have to keep the app running at the fore. It means, you cannot do anything else on your mobile phone while enjoying your music. Although you want to stream your music videos from YouTube, you would rather use your mobile phone as a listening device rather than a video watching device. So, even if you download YouTube videos using the YouTube app, you are constrained to keep watching the app whereas, you want to do other things on your mobile phone such as checking WhatsApp and Facebook updates or even checking your business email.

The iTube app solves this problem immediately. Using the iTube app, you can download as many music videos from YouTube as you want. You can create playlists. You can shuffle play.


Why use iTube to download and watch YouTube videos?

There are multiple reasons to download and install iTube to watch YouTube videos.

iTube is a completely YouTube experience through a non-YouTube app. You can download and save videos locally. This means, you can download YouTube videos when you have a better Internet connection, for example free Wi-Fi or an unlimited broadband connection. You can set 20-50 or more videos to download and get stored locally on your mobile phone. After setting the videos to download you can leave your phone and focus on other tasks while the YouTube videos are being downloaded and saved locally.

Why do that? Maybe you don’t want to watch the videos when you have a good Internet connection. You would like to watch them even when there is no Internet connection or even when you are using mobile data.

There are multiple problems with using mobile data: it is expensive especially when you want to watch HD YouTube videos, the browsing speed is not as good as promised by different carriers, and sometimes, the connection is altogether not available. At this time, not having your YouTube videos downloaded and saved locally on your mobile phone can be very frustrating. Through iTube you can download and save the videos so that you can watch them later without speedier Internet connection. When you are travelling, and you want to watch YouTube videos you can simply start iTube and play them. Even if you don’t want to watch videos, you just want to listen to music, you can play iTube, switch off the screen and let the music play.

But this you can also do with YouTube. Even YouTube allows you to download videos locally. The advantage of using iTube is that you cannot only save the videos locally, you can also play them in the background. This is one of the biggest problems faced by the YouTube app users. Once you start playing videos on YouTube, you have to keep the YouTube app running in front of every other app. It means, while you are enjoying your favourite music videos in which you don’t have to watch but listen, you cannot use other mobile apps. Even if you don’t want to keep holding your mobile phone there is a problem. When you are playing something on YouTube you cannot switch off your mobile screen the way you can do with other media streaming websites. For example, when you’re listening to music from Spotify you don’t need to keep your mobile phone screen on constantly. With all the music streaming websites, it’s just like using your iPod. Strangely, YouTube lacks this feature.

Many people work on their mobile phones these days. You are checking emails. You are working on Google Docs. You are editing images. You are doing social media marketing for your business. You are checking your instant messaging updates. You might be doing scores of things at the same time. But when you are listening to your favourite music on YouTube, you are stuck with the app and if you bring forward another app, YouTube stops. iTube doesn’t. The iTube mobile app keeps the video playing even in the background.

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How to download and install the iTube app for playing YouTube videos in the background

To be able to download and install the iTube app for playing YouTube videos in the background, you will need to download the iTube.apk file. Although this is the official website for iTube Android, you can download the independent APK file from multiple sources. You may not be able to directly install the app from Google Play although there is a different version called “BG Player” that you can download. In the Samsung App Store called Galaxy Apps you can directly download the iTube app.

No download your YouTube music videos and enjoy them the way you were really want to enjoy them – listening to them without having to stay glued to the mobile screen. Download and install iTube now to improve your YouTube experience.

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