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One of the most powerful performers in Bollywood Hindi cinema, Meena Kumari is considered as the unparalleled tragedy queen in the Indian cine world. The generation of Indian movie goers that watched her, praise her performance to the skies. Many of them vouch for the fact that Indian cinema is yet to find an equivalent replacement almost half a century after her demise. The film critiques have termed Meena Kumari as a “historically incomparable actress”. She is also referred to as the Chinese Doll and the Cindrella of Indian cinema.

It is said that virtually everyone in the movie industry who acted alongside with Meena Kumari was in awe of the actress amazing talents and skills. This included directors, her main co-star heroes, lyricist. music directors and other heroines of her time.

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Meena kumari acted for almost a span of 30 years starting as a child actress. Her acting career was cut short tragically due to ill health and eventual expiry at a rather young age. But as they say, the memories live on. What made her roles truly remarkable was the ability to depict the Indian women of the post-independence era and their typical struggles of daily family and social life.

The movie Pakeeza is the epitome of this portrayal. Here she plays the role of a dance girl and it is considered as one of the most epochal roles displayed on the Hindi movie screen. The characters and the especially the songs of the movie are still remembered till date.

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Some of the other well-known and famous movies of the actress are, Sahib Bibi and Ghulam in which she plays to perfection, the long struggling wife. Another movie is Dil Apna Preet Parai. It is a romantic drama with no dose of heavy tragedy and a typical love triangle. The movie Chirag Kahan Roshni Khahan is another hit movie with Rajendra kumar as the main hero. The movie Dil Ek Mandir is again a classic tragedy-romantic movie. The actress has also come in family melodrama hits like Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan.

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Apart from being a talented actor, she was a playback singer and gave her voice to some of the movies in which she has acted.

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