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One of the most iconic movies of India is the Bollywood mega block buster, Sholay that was released in 1975 and would then go on to create a record of sorts. It became the biggest hit of Indian cinema and although there have been other near to equal hits from Bollywood Hindi cinema, it still stands way ahead. This means in collection terms it has been equalled by later hits of the 1990’s Bollywood genre romance and family drama movies. However, adjusted in terms of inflation, Sholay still remains the highest grosser. The Minerva theatre in Mumbai rain the show for almost four years and all the four shows. This remains a record till date.

The Vidmate  app and Sholay movie makes the best of combination. Why? Just read on and it will be clear.

What is more unique about the movie is the absolute and total brand value created by its impact. It turned out to be cult classic movie beyond any parallels and this would give lead to the creation of a new level of cinema goers and watchers. Not just that, but an entire generation of country grew up on the characters of the Sholay. In every state and nook and corner, people started to identify with the character heroes of the movie Jay and Veeru, the righteous Thakur Baldev Singh, the ultra-ruthless villain of the movie Gabbar Singh. In fact, the last character would turn into brand name that was used by many product companies like Parle – G and others. In daily life usage also, all these names would be taken to identify with someone’s nature or behaviour.

The only limitation was that Sholay did not have the immediate desired impact on the deep southern states of India since these was more regional movie dominated. The power of modern technologies like Vidmate app was yet to come. But over the years, it has made its impact in South as well.

It would not be an exaggeration to say but there are people who have watched this move almost 30 times and more and still are ready to sit and watch it for the entire duration. Almost 45 years on, the movie still has its magical hold on the country. In 2014, the 3D version of Sholay was released.

The coming of the internet and the several free video sites has also given it another massive wave of popularity. The movie is available for free in YouTube and some of the other movie sites. For all those who are still crazy about the movie or its songs or some of the iconic scenes in it, then Vidmate app is there to help them out.

The smartphone phone users can install the Vidmate Video downloader and get the movie or its clippings and songs downloaded from the internet sites and watch this immortal great movie according to the timing of their choice.

As they say, legends will never die. The movie Sholay is a legend in Indian cinema and technologies like Vidmate will ensure its immortality.

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