Steps For Downloading Status Of Videos In Vidmate

Vidmate is the fastest growing video downloading mobile app in the world with millions of people using it to download millions of terabytes of video data round-the-clock. It is an independent mobile app which means you won’t find it on Google Play or the App Store directly. You will need to download, and installation file called Vidmate.apk and then manually install the app before you can start downloading your favourite videos.

Why do people use Vidmate to download videos like music and movies?

There are two ways you can watch your favourite videos off the Internet:

  1. watch the video as it is being downloaded there and then (your mobile phone first buffers video in the cache memory and then plays the video for you);
  2. you first download the video, save it locally on your mobile phone, and then watch it.

If you don’t have a good Internet connection downloading the video while you are watching, it will pause it repeatedly. You will constantly see the buffering animation, and this will be very annoying. Even if you have a very fast Internet connection, how well your video downloads and plays depends on the server where the video file is being hosted, and the processing power of your mobile phone. The quality is always compromised. So even if you want to watch HD videos, in reality you are not watching HD videos because the quality is being reduced while the video is being downloaded.

The next best option is to first download the video completely on your mobile phone and then watch it. Although, this is a good way to go, when you download the video exactly when you are about to watch it can waste lots of time. Another problem is that you may not have a good Internet connection when you are ready to download and watch the video. Even if you have a good Internet connection, maybe your mobile data plan is expensive, and you will be spending lots of money downloading and watching the video.

In both the case scenarios, Vidmate is there to help you.

People use the Vidmate video downloading mobile app to download their favourite videos in advance. Once you have set the videos to download, it goes on downloading the videos while you take care of other things. You keep working on your mobile phone or you can place your mobile phone somewhere and take care of other chores.

Broadband Wi-Fi connections are available at multiple places. But it isn’t necessary that you are able to watch the video or the movie when the broadband Wi-Fi connection is available. Maybe you will get time to watch a video when you are travelling or when you are sitting somewhere where the Internet connection is not good. People use the Vidmate video downloading mobile app to download and save their videos in advance. The videos are saved as independent video files. Once the video has been downloaded, it can be played using any video player app.

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app gives you an inbuilt video search engine

This is another reason why Vidmate has such a strong fan base. It is very easy to find your favourite videos on Vidmate. It has a very advanced video search engine that calls through hundreds of video hosting and social media websites to find the video you are looking for. Without Vidmate, if you want to find, let’s say, five videos that you want to download, it may take you hours to first find the videos and then download them. Vidmate on the other hand takes seconds. Simply enter the name of the title of the video and within seconds it will fetch the links to scores of videos in various qualities. You can then download the best video you want to download.

Steps to download videos from the Vidmate video downloading mobile app

You can follow the steps to download videos using the Vidmate video downloading mobile app:

  1. Install and Download Vidmate if you haven’t already done so. You may have to turn on “Install from unknown sources” from your Android settings.
  2. On the home page there is a news feed listing the latest movies and TV shows. You can scroll through the news feed and see if the videos you want to download are already listed in the news feed and download them.
  3. If the video isn’t already listed in the newsfeed, there is a search bar at the top of the homepage. Type the name of the movie, the TV series for the music video you want to download and tap the search icon.
  4. You will be able to see the results under the search bar. You can choose the source of the video, for example, if it is a Twitch video or if it is a movie video.
  5. Once you see the video you want to download simply tap the video. It will show you different options you would like to set before you download the video, for example, the quality of the video and different sources from where the video can be downloaded.
  6. You can choose to stream or download the video. If it is a torrent file, if you have the BitTorrent plug-in installed, Vidmate will use the BitTorrent plug-in to download the video file. If the BitTorrent plug-in is not installed, it will ask you to install it.
  7. Once you have chosen different options, you can tap on the Download icon and the video will start downloading.
  8. If you want to see the status of videos that have downloaded or are still being downloaded, you can go to the Downloads section and see the status. The Downloads section will show you a progress bar telling you the percentage the video has been downloaded so far.

Normally the Vidmate video downloading mobile app saves the downloaded videos on your SD card in the dedicated Vidmate folder and from there you can access all the video files when you want to play them. You can change the file saving path in the settings if you want. If you have a second SD card installed, you can instruct Vidmate to save all your video and media files there.

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