The Best Movies of Siddharth Malhotra Everyone Should Watch!

Are you a Siddharth Malhotra fan? Well, this star has really done a good work in Bollywood.  Amidst all Bollywood heartthrobs, Siddharth Malhotra is certainly the handsome hunk who made the audience go weak in their knees with his cute looks, stunning smile and a brilliant screen presence in Student of the Year.

It all proves that he is not just a pretty or smart face to reckon with, he went on to impress the audience with his bad-boy-gone-good character or role in the movie named Ek Villain. Well, in this post you would get to know about the finest movies of Siddharth Malhotra. Have a look below:

Student of the Year

Do you recall the grand entrance of Abhimanyu (Siddharth), a middle-class boy having mega dreams, a chalta-phirta KBC (Mr. Know-it-all), and even in-house Milkha Singh? Certainly, you do, because that is when you started crushing on him. Student of the year marks Siddharth Malhotra’s debut in the realm of Bollywood. His acting made the audience fall for him and of course his role left the jaws dropped.


Siddharth, whose good-looks side-track, shows a conclusive growth in his second outing as an actor! Audience definitely couldn’t take the eyes off of him throughout the movie. Straight-forward boy and odd girl are drawn to each other. Wait, they are not the ones in a relationship.  Well, you would find out a goofy kind of love in this movie and it is entertaining to the brim. This movie is really good and you would find this star doing some really good work in this film.

Ek Villain

Siddharth kills with good looks and brings an angry man performance deftly! He does not recoil! Such uninterrupted gorgeousness! Guru (Siddharth) is a gangster who is cheery to let his gun speak. Till the effervescent, virginal Aisha (Shraddha), a great Samaritan, crosses his path. Opposites attract. His gun gets silent as the two of them chase the rainbow together. The texture of their relationship has that enchanted quality. And just when they began to build their castle, step by step, their life is stopped on tracks by a psychotic serial killer named Rakesh (Riteish). When Guru`s love Aisha gets threatened by Rakesh, a villain, the evil inside him rises.  Well, you would love to watch this star playing the role of a bad boy!

A Gentleman

Siddharth plays the two parts with characteristic skills and puts his charm to good use. Jacqueline’s sincerity is tangible and she makes for a gusty addition here. Gaurav is a simple techie who has picket-fence dreams of a wife, two children, and a dog; Rishi kills for a living in the seedy lanes of south-east Asian cities. How shall their paths cross? Well! Siddharth was witnessed playing both the roles and he actually nailed both the roles!


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