Top 5 Hilarious Bloopers of the Most Famous Classic Sitcom- Friends

“Friends” is the most loved and watched classic sitcom of all time. You can watch over and over again but not get bored by this amazing show. Most of the 90’s as well as millennial kids have seen this show which was much head of its time when it came to air on television. This show is based around 6 characters who are friends with their names as Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica. We will discuss about the most famous entertaining bloopers of this show.

  • Episode – “The one where Ross got high“- This episode revolves around thanksgiving. Rachel is making the desert from the recipe book but the pages got stuck up and the recipe of Sheppard’s pie and custard are intermixed. Joey and Ross know about it but did not tell Rachel as they are getting late and they did not want to hurt her feelings. This means they need to eat that messed up desert with straight face. David Schwimmer erupts in laughter after saying his scripted line but Joey didn’t notice that and continues to eat that desert. Everyone giggles after this scene.
  • Episode- “The one where the Monkey gets away“- Capuchin monkey named Marcel is a pet of Ross. Its real name was Katie. It is difficult for the team to instruct a monkey to follow instructions. In this episode, Rachel watches soap opera sitting with Marcel and she is explaining the scene so that he can understand, but it shows Jennifer Anniston is having a hard time in predicting what Marcel is going to do next. This is the most adorable blooper of this show.
  • Episode- “The one with Rachel’s crush“- In this episode, Monica has made cookies and she is luring everyone to come to her new apartment. Matt Le Blanc adds an unexpected line when everyone is sitting on the table and everyone just forgets their next line by laughing continuously.
  • Episode- “The one where Drake Ramoray dies“- In this episode, Joey did the interview by means of soap opera magazine and is excited to show the piece of writing to Phoebe in coffeehouse. He enters and trips to fall down eventually. Everyone from audience, crew, and cast laughed at the scene so much.
  • Episode- “The one with the cop“- In this episode, Rachel, Chandler and Ross and are trying to move a big size sofa through a tight staircase. Ross yells Pivot at both of them over and over again to get his couch through the staircase turns. While performing, the crew and all the cast except Ross laughed at the repetitive word from Ross’s mouth which is one of the best bloopers of Friends.

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