Top 5 Movies of The Rock-Dwayne Johnson

This is very rare if a WWE star makes it huge to the Hollywood movies, at least, the past experiences have proved it to us. But there is one single man hailing from the WWE worldthat has not made it huge only, but has become one of the highest paid actors on this planet. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about The Rock-Dwayne Johnson. Who would have thought that once a WWE superstar will become a worldwide movie star? If we look at Johnson’s career till now, then he has done many diverse roles related to different genres. But today, we are going to tell you about the top 5 movies of Dwayne Johnson, which are loved by both audience and critics. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

“Fast Five”

This is the movie which started the journey of Johnson as a global star. No doubt, he had acted in many movies before this one like “Race to witch mountain” or action flicks like “Faster” or Comedy genre like “Tooth Fairy”, which were successful. But the thing is somehow, these projects were not able to unleash the true “Rock” vibe. The Rock was co-starring with Vin Diesel in this movie and he proved that the Vin is not the only leading actor in blockbuster action movies. In fact, the Rock is the person who has contributed much in making the Fast and Furious franchise a multi-billion-dollar franchise.


The Rock is not only an owner of a badass personality, but he is an owner of a badass recognizable voice too. That’s why he is one of the finest choices for voice-overs in animated movies. One such movie is Moana, in which The Rock has given his voice to the character Maui which fits best to his persona. This movie is another showcase of our WWE star’s talent.

“The Rundown”

The Rock’s first Hollywood movie was “The Mummy Returns”, but “The Rundown” was the movie which actually made his presence felt in the entertainment industry. In this action comedy, the rock played the character of Beck, a bounty hunter who was sent to bring back Travis, the son of the man for whom he works. This movie is actually a fun to watch as the action sequences done by our star are actually impressive.

“Pain & Gain”

Whenever we talk about the Michael Bay, then the only things which come to our mind are the action blockbusters such as “Bad Boys” and “Transformers”, the car crashes and all that stuff. But when we count the 2013 hit “Pain & Gain” as a Michael bay movie, then it appears a little odd to us. However, this movie is actually Bay’s strongest movie to consider. This movie stars the The Rock, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie. Movie revolves around a gang who gets involved into kidnapping and extortion which ultimately leads to a murder.

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