Top 6 Dwayne Johnson Heart-warming and Funniest Moments of All Time

Anyone, who has seen or heard about Dwayne Johnson, loves him because of his charm, especially the youngsters, who follow him on social media platforms like on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, etc. He gained popularity firstly from WWF (World Wide Federation) where he debuted in wrestling field and later on from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Parallel to his wrestling career, after some years, he did debut in Hollywood with Mummy Returns in 2001. After this, following years to till date, Rock has become a sensation in Hollywood as well as globally.  During his acting and wrestling career, he has so many heart-warming and funny moment videos. The list is as follows:

  • Kevin Hart Role Reversal- In 2016, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson came together on Lad bible to try a small role reversal. Impersonation of each other was totally a funny act as they get in the character. Both were very good friends, which resulted in a nailed act because they know each other’s speech patterns and mannerisms. It was declared the funniest video of Dwayne Johnson because of its hilariousness.
  • Lip Sync Battle Performance- This happened during the first episode of lip sync battle show where Rock lip-synced “Shake it off” song of Taylor Swift which was the iconic hit of 2014. He gave an amazing performance without any backup dancers, props or any choreography.
  • Hosting of “Rock the Troops”- In 2016, Dwayne Johnson hosted the event “Rock the Troops” on request of his Uncle Sam. It featured live comedy, entertainment, and music and was held at joint base Hickam-Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. There were many celebrities present like Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Terry Crews and so on. The expectation was about 15000 people to attend the event, but the turnout was about 50000. People didn’t mind to wait for getting in.
  • Surprise Wedding Prank for a Fan- Nick Mundy who was a super fan and correspondent of Dwayne Johnson was given a surprise wedding by teaming up with Screen guys. There was a priceless look on his face as it was not expected by him.
  • Teaming up with Jimmy Fallon- The Fungo Brothers- Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson teamed up in 2014 for the creation of workout video 80’s style with cheesy encouraging quotes and ridiculous hairdos. Their striking comedy entertained the public, and in addition inspirational messages are passed.
  • Performance on the famous TV show “Saturday Night Live”- In 2017, Dwayne Johnson performed on SNL which featured him impersonating Barrack Obama’s alter ego. It was named as The Rock Obama, and during staff meetings, he loses his temper, becomes increasingly agitated and then gets transformed into The Rock Obama.

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