Top Classic Movies of Dharmendra to Watch

Dharmendra is undoubtedly a Bollywood legend who boasts of spanning his acting career for over five decades now. He was titled Mr. India before entering the Bollywood industry and also considered to be the most handsome actor during his prime. Known for its acting skills, muscular body, angry look and fierceness, he was the much loved actor during his time. He was rather referred to as the ‘He-Man’ of Bollywood and played effectively in roles that demanded vengeance.

Top movies to watch

  • Satyakam: In this movie, he plays to perfection, be it in serious mood, angry or romance. His role here is that of a crusader against injustice or an idealist. One of the most loved scenes is where he dies, considered to be the very best scenes in Indian cinema. He plays with great conviction fighting injustice.
  • Yaadon Ki Baraat: This is a memorable vengeance film that is loved by all generations. The music, picturization, screenplay, location, action, story are all just fabulous. This is one movie where he does not have any co-heroine to romance. He displays emotions superbly.
  • Phool Aur Pathhar: This movie portrayed clearly his true colours like a batsman getting century. He plays the character of a ruffian named Shaka and has romantic relationship with his co-actor Meena Kumari playing his love. The scenes where he gets drunk and acts are just brilliant.
  • Anupama: In this movie, he gets the role of a less known romantic artist and plays it with great subtlety. He does not overact and uses brilliantly his natural expressions to display his feelings and emotions for his lovers. There can also be found great serenity with his dialogues.
  • Chupke Chupke: It is a classic comedy movie that has shown this man known for having a natural penchant for vengeance movies also can perform exceedingly in comedy movies. He plays the character of a biology professor who is compelled by humorous circumstances to become a driver and copartners with Amitabh Bachchan.
  • Sholay: Veeru and Jai, the characters of the movie played by Dharmendra and Amitabh, two friends have made this movie memorable and definitely one of the very best movies that every generation loves to watch repeatedly. Although not in his usual self, Dharmendra’s scenes were just brilliant. Veeru’s love for Basanti, played by Hema Malini and the different comic scenes played by him are well timed and classy.
  • Pratigya: He plays the role of a common villager and strives for vengeance to avenge his father’s death. He does justice to his role and the serious and romantic moods of the character are played brilliantly. His emotional outbursts in the character are fabulous.
  • Dharam Veer: Dharmendra teams with Jeetendra in this fictional historical movie where revenge is shown with great compassion and conviction. Seriousness has been blended meticulously with comedy.
  • Jeevan Mrityu: This movie shows him playing the character of a person who has been wronged by getting jailed for 6 years for a crime that he never had committed. He seeks revenge after getting release and catches those guilty. His scenes playing the role of a Sardar are mesmerizing and he appears very handsome.


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