Top Movies of Akshay Kumar You Should Not Miss

Some people know him by his name, some by Khiladi and some by action hero. Well, you guessed it right, Akshay Kumar is the star who has massive fan following. You can find a huge crowd of people mad after this amazing, blockbuster star.

Akshay Kumar (the real name Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia) is an Indian-born-Canadian Bollywood star, producer and even a well-known personality. He is a versatile star and his versatility echoes in his acting, action, martial arts and everything he does.  In this post you would get to know about some of the most cherished and amazing movies of Akshay Kumar.

Special 26 (2013)

It is a wonderful and a smart movie of 2013 having an intriguing end, Special 26 has been directed by NeerajPandey. The movie features Akshay Kumar, AnupamKher, KajalAggarwal, Manoj Bajpayee and Jimmy Shergill in main roles. The movie is drama genre and circles around a fake income tax officers who fraud rich and well-off people in an absolutely tactful and smart legal manner. This is the best movies on smartness that you should not miss out in Bollywood. You would definitely find a set of tactics and smartness flowing in this movie throughout.

Toilet-EkPrem Katha (2017)

Akshay Kumar’s best flick for 2017 that simply ruled the box office like a pro, Toilet – EkPrem Katha is a vital comedy drama genre flick. The plot of this movie revolves around a common man in a hamlet who gets married to his love but gets into a big sequence of mess as his wife did not like the idea of going in the fields for toilet and finds it really unhygienic.  The movie is all about the importance of toilet in the house. You should watch it for once if you haven’t done it already.

Baby (2015)

This movie has been directed by NeerajPandey it stars Akshay Kumar, AnupamKher, RanaDaggubati, TaapseePannu and even Danny Denzongpa. The movie is action-drama genre and the plot of this movie revolves around a special secret Indian intelligence team that strive their finest to detect and discard the terrorists and the plots they have.

Airlift (2016)

One of the top and finest movies of Akshay Kumar till 2018, Airlift was the masterpiece of the year 2016. The movie broke all the blockades towards definite success. The movie was directed by Raja Krishna Menon, featured the star Akshay Kumar, NimratKaur, PurabKohli and Kumud Mishra in lead roles. The storyline of this movie is absolutely incredible and it revolves around an Indian businessman in Kuwait heading a successful and contenting life but do decide to risk his life to save his fellow countrymen who got stranded in Kuwait once Iraq invaded Kuwait. The movie talks volumes about the acting skills of Akshay Kumar.


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