Top Music Videos of Hip-Hop Legend Eminem

It is very hard to survive in the hip-hop music industry. Either you are hit or you miss it from the very beginning. But there are some artists who make their mark in the industry in such a way that every other artist makes that mark his own target. We are talking about none other than Eminem. If you are a hip-hop music fan, then you must have heard of his name and probably, you must know how much people love him. The Emmy award winner has delivered some of the iconic musical pieces in the industry. Today, we are going to discuss about the top musical videos of one of the greatest minds of the music industry. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  1. “Stan”

Stan is, no doubt, Eminem’s greatest song. The song hails from the album The Marshall Mathers LP, which was directed by Philip Atwell and Dr.Dre. If you are a hard-core hip hop fan, then this video can even make you feel the level of insanity in the beats. This musical video also features the actor Devon Sawa, who can be seen handling the volatile temperament of Stan with his facial expressions.

  1. “Lose Yourself”

This music video, which was directed by Philip Atwell, Paul Rosenberg and Eminem himself, was one of the biggest hits of the year. This anthem from the album 8 Mile OST can be termed as Eminem’s biopic condensed into five and a half minutes of musical art-piece. The words come very fluidly from the rapper and he can be seen getting more intense with the beat and time.

  1. “Mosh”

This song is from the album Encore, directed by Ian Inaba. This music video is a nicely done live animation short. This song is based on the strong criticism of that time American President, George W. Bush and the Iraq war. Such things were also seen in the music videos of Eminem earlier, but this was not in comedic way. This video can be seenwitnessing the Eminem’s rage as authentic. In the last shot of the music video,a group of protestors along with the Eminem can be seen heading towards the White House, which makes Bush nervous and scared.

  1. “3 A.M.”

The song from the iconic album Relapse is one of many people’s favourite. This music video was directed by Syndrome. This song witnessed the Eminem’s ultraviolent lyrics with full-on horror short. This video features the classic horror elements also. In this video, Eminem can be seen running through the woods with a scared face, during the midnight and terrorizes to a hospital and then submerges his face into a bath water.The video really gives you chill-outs.

  1. “Like Toy Soldiers”

This music video again from the Album Encore was directed by Saline Project. This is an emotional music video which shows full grown men crying on their fallen friend’s funeral. You can say, this one is very compelling. There are very less such songs from the rap-artist like Eminem, that’s why this song is amust watch. Moreover, the Director Saline Project has also done a good work in term of video cinematography.

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