Top Viral Videos of July 19 You Should Definitely See

More than half of the year 2019 has passed and the internet has definitely witnessed some of the most amazing and delightful videos ever, in this year so far. And it makes some sense to pick the top ones for our internet fellas.

That’s why we are here to tell you about the top 5 viral videos of July 2019 year which went viral on the internet. Here are our picks:

  • Real Life final destination

This video has definitely to be on the top of the list. It was shot was shot from the dashboard camera of a car, while the car was being run on a highway somewhere in between hilly area. The car is running behind a truck on the highway at a speed of almost 90-100 Km/h with a gap of almost 50 meters.After a few seconds, the car driver accelerates the car a little more and it comes closer to the truck. Till this time, you will not be able to find out what’s going to be there insidethe truck, until you see a wooden plank flying directly from that running truck hitting the windshield of the car. And yes…it looks scary.

  • An old man assuming the doorbell as a retina scanner

This video can be considered as the most hilarious video of July 2019.The reason being an old man who when comes at the doorstep of his son in law’s house and tries to unlock the door by getting his eyeball near the doorbell camera.Right….near a doorbell camera!

The angle from the doorbell camera makes this incident quite funny. And what’s more surprising is that after doing this almost for 10 to 12 seconds, the old man quietly leaves the doorstep

  • Brave bird halts a tractor to protect her eggs

This is the most heart touching video of the month that went viral. The video is shot by a farmer while he was working in his fields on his tractor. While driving his tractor, the farmer suddenly stops his tractor when he finds a small bird standingright in front of his tractor. When the videos get zoomed in,one can easily see the bird walking towards the tractor to stop it from moving forward. Then the camera gets on the three small eggs of that bird, which are lying on the path of the tractor or we can say the tractor was on the wrong path!…….Right?

This clearly shows the love and care that any parent has for their child.

  • The Melon Game

This video showcases the extremely unique talent of some Chinese fruit hawkers. You may have seen the basketball throwing skills many a times, right? But what’s your thought about melon throwing.Yes, you read it right! A not so round melon which is almost 3 to 4 times heavier than a standard basketball can be seen being thrown just like any other ball by these Chinese hawkers. They can be seen throwing melons with one hand from a truck to their fellow persons standing at a distance of almost 10 to 12 meters, and they can be seen catching this bulky fruit with one hand. And they are doing this at a speed of almost 40-50 throws per minute.Michael Jordan of Melons we guess!

  • An unexpected flight passenger

This video is for dog lovers. Video was shot in a plane by a crew member or any other passenger who is passing by the plane seats to suddenly find that a big bulky Huskymag dog is sitting on a seat along with his female owner. Watching a dog in a flight is nothing that we hear regularly and seeing a giant husky on a flight seat makes thing even more interesting.

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