Nowadays the world is moving very fast. At such a time, videos have emerged as the best means of our entertainment and any kind of information. As the popularity of videos increases, the number of video sharing sites has increased rapidly. Everyone spends time day watching videos on these video sharing sites. Often, while watching the video, it comes to your mind that I wish there was a tool with which we could download all these videos on our phone. But to overcome these problems, this app named tumate has been created. With the help of this app, you can download all the videos available on any social site or video sharing site for free on your phone. With the help of this app, you can also share the downloaded videos with your friends through other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp.

Features of tumate: –

  1. Through this app, you can download all the videos, songs and movies available on the Internet for free on your phone.
  2. On this app, you can save your songs, search and playlist in your profile.
  3. You already have the facility of a video player in tumate, so that you do not need any other app to watch videos.
  4. Within this app, you get the option of 2 step verification, with the help of which you can keep your file safe.
  5. tumate also provides you the facility to download any video file by converting it into an audio file.
  6. Live TV, news etc. can be accessed through this app.
  7. Through this app, you can easily download videos of all the social sites.
  8. In this, you can download videos of any quality such as Hd, super Hd, Mp4 etc.
  9. You can also download this app from our site or 9apps.

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