Vdmate – Download Videos From Various Sites

Vdmate is a mobile app that makes life very easy by helping us to download videos from various sites to the mobile device. It does with relative ease and helps you in storing the videos to the device, which till now, in all probability; you would have been struggling to download. These are the videos available in different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Hot Star, Daily Motion etc. The topmost site is YouTube and maximum numbers of videos are here. This is followed by rest of the sites. It may seem surprising but the reality is that lot of people were not aware of downloading videos from YouTube also. They would watch the clip through the link. This means, depending on internet. This is not a happy proposition many times, especially when we are on the move.

So instead of carrying on and on, let us cheer ourselves through the solution and that is – Vdmate app. Life is now very much simple and easy and download all your songs, movies, cookery classes, natural beauty sites, academic tutorials and basically everything through Vdmate. This is happens in a jiffy and no time or effort is involved. So, in the course of a five minute tea break at the office, you can down the desired video and when travelling to home, watch it in leisure. Only remember one thing that your phone has to be Android since this app works only on Android platforms.

Features of Vdmate –

  1. The app allows you to download the videos and also the audios from the different websites. It is possible to convert the videos to the audios as well.
  2. The app is totally and completely free and it can be used for 24 hours downloads without incurring any charges.
  3. The Vdmate app makes it possible for the users to stream the other videos as well.
  4. It can stream TV channels as well. It is not one or 2 but more than 200 TV channels are supported by this app.
  5. The search bar makes the search process very easy and simple.

Download process –

Click on APK file of the below given download

Download Vidmate

Once done, open and install app on device.

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