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Everyone feels like listening to their favourite song in video or audio mode after a day’s hard work while going home.There is a good 4G internet speed in the mobile but it is obvious that in an outside journey, there is going to be network issues and breakages. It is very difficult to have uninterrupted connectivity for the 45 minutes or even longer till destination (mostly home). There needs to be some way out to relax and watch videos or listen to the song.

The solution to the problem above is the app Vedmate. This app is used to download the required videos of movies, songs, TV serials, shows, any political clippings or debates or any other programmes. A great thing about the app is that it can download video’s or audios from any site like Hotstar, Daily motion, ZEE, YouTube  and other known video sites. It is not restricted to just one site and its particular programs. It is all so simple. Just go to any app store like Google Play store or 9App and then install the app on the Android phone. After that, select the URL of the desired video or the audio site and paste in on the Vedmate app. Once it comes, press download and get the video or MP3 on to the mobile.  From then on, it is just happy viewing, free from all the troubles of interrupted operator coverage.

All this for no cost at all.  Yes it is unbelievable but true. Remember very app allows downloads from multiple sites. Mostly are YouTube based download app (fair enough since the best of the videos are in this site). But there are many other sites also giving good videos.

Download Vedmate –

Click on this link and download it.

The link has the Apk file to install the app

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