Viamate – Watch & Download Videos for Smartphone

All of us like to download videos and watch them on the smart phone device. This is our gateway to the world and it gives almost everything to watch at. The combined power of the internet and smartphone gives us any information that we want, whether it be in text format or in the form of video files. There is no doubt about the fact that video files and content are much more impactful because a line of conversation expresses’ much more than 100 words.

Videos are good in almost every aspect i.e. they are informative as well as entertaining but the limitation is that many of the videos have to be paid and this is not something easy to digest. If you have to pay every month some charges, even if it’s nominal, it does not make things very interesting. Secondly there are many other factors like quality of videos, ease of accessibility, speed of download, storage space used in the phone that any user will look into.

For the user having these expectations which is but natural, the Viamate is the most ideal app. It is a third party app that is not developed by any video site company and hence is completely site agnostic in all aspects. Then the biggest interesting factor is that Viamate is free. From morning till late night, you can download as many videos as required and there are not going to be any charges.

Features of the Viamate –

  1. It is very much user friendly and easy to operate.
  2. The app can download the videos from many different sites and users can have much more information gathering options because of this.
  3. It enables fast download of videos with minimum bottlenecks.
  4. Viamate allows TV Streaming also. It is possible to stream more than 200 types of different TV channels through the app.
  5. The search bar of the app is an easy to use form of search engine and user just needs to type the video or the keyword of the video. They can get all the details from there.

This is an Android specific app as of now and supports only this platform.

  1. Download the latest version of Viamate –
  2. First go to settings of the device and activate – allow installation from unknown devices
  3. To get this particular version, click on the link given below
  5. Click on the APK link of the file and install the file on the device.

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