Videmat – Download video files from the Internet sites

Videmat is an app used to download video files from the internet sites to the mobile devices as video downloads. The user can store these on their devices and view it later at any time of their convenience. They need not have internet to view these saved files later. Both video and audio files can be downloaded. The storage space in audio files will be much less, this goes without saying. The YouTube is the biggest internet video site, offering almost every type of videos. There is hardly any information missing here. But apart from YouTube there are also other sites which give lot of video material. These sites are also very much popular.

There are many versions of this app and every new version brings updates that belters the existing features and brings about new enriching user experience.

Features of Videmat –

  • The downloads through Videmat happen at much higher speed. In fact, in many of the cases, within seconds the download gets completed (unless it is a large file like movie). With integrated downloader functionality, media downloads happen very fast.
  • The biggest advantage of the Videmat is the enabling of the download from multiple sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MetCafe, Instagram, Twitter etc. This differentiates it from other video download apps wherein only one site is possible (mostly it happens to be YouTube).
  • Secure and safe app the user can rest assured that no form of malicious virus or Trojan attacks will come.
  • It does not give any sudden advertisement or pop up of any sort and thereby create irritants for the user. Many other apps have this unpleasant feature and this can annoy many users.
  • This is a free app and there is no cost factor involved. Nether at any level irrespective of any number of downloads.

Downloading the latest version of Videmat – The following are the steps

  1. Click on the below given download link
  2. In settings, go to file manager and enable – “installation from unknown sources” ( it is better to do this at the beginning itself)
  3. Once installed on the mobile device accept the terms and conditions to make it active.

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