Videoder APK download 2018

Nowadays there are many such apps available on the Internet, which are used to download videos of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Such as Vidmate, Tubemate, Snaptube etc. “Videoder 2018” is one such app from which videos of SocialMedia can be downloaded. Videoder is a great app. Which provides good features compared to other apps. It is an online video downloader app, available for both Android and Windows. Its feature is very advanced. Such features only provide a premium application. But in Videoder app you get it for free.
Videoder app is an Indian app, so you can say that it is completely safe for your mobile or windows. We can also use the browser inside this app, through which we can read any article or even download images from there.

Features of videoder apk 2018: –

  1. In this app you also get the option of fast downloading. Meaning you can download your favorite videos from any social media platform very easily.
  2. With the help of videoder you can also download videos in different quality. You get a variety of options for downloading videos such as MP3, MP4, HD, 4K etc.
  3. Its best feature is that you can download all the videos in any YouTube play list simultaneously. That is, you have to download all the videos in the playlist one by one. But with the help of Videoder app you can download all videos simultaneously.
  4. You can easily download videos in any size and format with the Videoder app. It also has features to edit cover art and mp3 tag in music.
  5. If you use videoder app during night time, then night mode feature is also available for your eyes protection.
  6. The “Quick Download” tool and the “Add Blocker” feature in the Videoder app make this app even more advanced.

If you want to download this app, you have to download it from its website as this app is not available on the Play Store. Like the Snaptube and Vidmate app, this app also does not fulfill the Play Store policy, due to which this app is not available on Google Play Store.

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