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Everything You Should Know About Videomate

Today, in the 21st century, watching videos and listening to music etc. is the best escape from our busy schedules. And thanks to technology today, we don’t need to carry big TVs or large setups to watch them, we can do that right from this portable device in our hands. However, a fast working Internet is needed to stream movies into our Mobile Phones or tablets. At times Internet cannot be accessed everywhere and you need a good collection saved in your device to be able to watch the movies.

YouTube is the leading video streaming app available on the Internet but again, you need the internet to be able to watch videos on YouTube. In case you don’t have access to the Internet, you can download the content from YouTube into your device. However, the official YouTube allows only offline streaming of downloaded videos through the YouTube app and doesn’t allow downloading them into the user’s device. For this purpose, a third party platform is needed to be able to download videos from YouTube as well as from other websites including Instagram and Facebook.

What is videomate?

It is a lightweight, user-friendly, most popular app used to download videos from various apps like YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr etc. It is not an app downloadable from the app stores, an APK file from the official web site of videomate needs to be downloaded and installed in the device.

Is it safe for the device?

The answer is yes, it is completely safe for your device. It is not a malware or virus as it doesn’t cause any changes in your device without your permission. The question arises ‘why is it not available on Play store’. Like most third party video downloading apps, it interferes with the copyright of the content to be downloaded and the website as these websites like YouTube don’t allow the user to download files directly into their devices.

Why videomate?

Despite the variety of apps available in the market for downloading files from websites, videomate remains the most used app for a variety of reasons. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to download. The app is free and fastest for downloading videos. It allows the user to save files in different qualities, also the user can decide the location to download the file in his device. Videos can be downloaded from absolutely any video sharing website. The app provides an option to share the downloaded file. This app also works well with slow internet and allows you to download large files (more than 1 GB). It supports multiple formats and multiple files can be downloaded together.

How to download using Videomate?

After downloading and installing the videomate APK file, open the App and browse the required website in the address bar. Once the website loads, find the desired file and you’ll find a download option in the lower right corner of the App. Select the desired quality and format and the download will start in the background.

How to download

Click on the given link below

Download Vidmate

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