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If you ever try to Google the most popular and loved sports ever, then the results are definitely going to be what you are expecting it to be-Football.Infact, you can’t consider football as a game alone as it is an ocean of emotions for a huge fan base of this wonderful sport. If you are also a football fan like us, then you will definitely know about the living football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Even any sports lover once must have heard about the name of this phenomenal Portuguese football player.

Ronaldo is having a huge fanbase around the world and that’s pretty obvious if you are having a record tying five Ballon d’Or awards, is the first player to win the 4 European Golden Shoes awards and is having many other astonishing achievements. We are here to tell you about the most famous videos of this player who has made the jersey number 7 so much special in football history. So, let’s get started.

1) Ronaldo’s top 10 Unimaginable goals ever

This is one of the most popular videos of Ronaldo which is basically a collection of his top 10 goals of all time. It also has that memorable back heel goal against RayoVallecano. This video is definitely a must see for any Ronaldo fan.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo’s craziest commercials ever

This video is a big entertainer as you will get to see many funny commercials done by our magician footballer which are funny as hell and are quite interesting. And one more thing is that if you are the one who has not seen Ronaldo singing yet, this Video is for you.

3) Cristiano Ronaldo-The Prankster

Don’t be surprised by reading the above written sentence as we are not joking at all. Cristiano’s video of actually doing a prank is there on the internet’s many platforms. In fact, it was one of the most viral videos of lots release time. Ronaldo could be seen being transformed into a big fat guy having long hair and beard in which he looks unrecognizable. After being such appearing guy, Ronaldo went on the streets of Madrid acting just like a common guy, with a football and starts showing some amazing moves there. People’s reactions to this are actually priceless.

4) Ronaldo and Messi’s bro moments

The frequent banter and a healthy rival between Ronaldo and Messi’s fans is a thing known to everyone. But these two legendary players never seem to be rivals actually. There is a video or two on the internet showing all the best moments between both. These include the clips of all the events, award functions, post-match conferences which they have attended together. Both of them sharing some words and jokes can be seen even during a match between their respective teams.

5) Thankyou Cristiano Ronaldo- A special video

This is a special video released by the official YouTube channel of Real Madrid C.F. This video came just after some days, when the club allowed the Ronaldo to complete his move to the Juventus F.C. This video clip has every special moment that every Ronaldo fan needs to see. We are not going to give you a spoiler here. You can check this video out along with above mentioned videos on Vidmate Apk.

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