Vidmat – Best Video Downloader app for Android

Download Your Favorite Videos Hassle Free on vidmat

Remember the times when you used mp3 convertors to download music from the videos? The next time you mention them will be when you are narrating stories of your childhood to your grandkids!

Ever since internet became a household commodity and digital platforms took over, watching videos has become the go-to thing. From stand-up comedy, home remedies for skin care, video lectures, celebrity interviews to cinematic content and music videos, you can watch it all online.

What is Vidmat?

Are you tired of the constant buffering while viewing a video? Very often do we find the need to download these videos to help smoothen and streamline the experience. Vidmat by Vidmate Studio is a free tool application that lets you download videos from multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. So save yourself from the fear of missing out on any happening event, anywhere around the world, from Cannes Film Festival to the launch of SpaceX Falcon, just download their videos in high definition and watch it at your convenience.

Vidmat comes in two versions- an application and in the file format as an APK (Android Application Package), both of which are readily available on the web. The latest version is 4.1606. It is not available on PlayStore as Google will not allow you to download YouTube videos directly on your device. However, it is available on the 9apps store.

You can also download the application on all your devices including your mobile phone, laptop and iPad

How to download and install the APK?

  • Step 1- Go to Settings->Security->Device Administration-> turn on ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Step 2-Download the APK
  • Step 3- It will show you a ‘Warning’ (Android security will send a caution by default as it is a third-party app but is completely safe to download) ->Click on ‘Download’
  • Step 4- After downloading, click on ‘Install’ to initiate the installation process
  • Step 5-Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Open’

What are the features of Vidmat?

  • Interface- it is very user-friendly and lets you navigate easily through various formats
  • Quality- you can download videos in any quality you want; from 360p to 1080p
  • Speed- the speed at which it downloads videos is extremely high and better than any other such application
  • Security- it only lists trusted sources so the security of your device is not at risk
  • Default Media Player- it allows you to set a default media player to play all your downloaded files
  • Live TV Streaming- you can also stream live TV on the app
  • Multiple Downloads- you can simultaneously download from various platforms and hence, saves your time
  • Pause- you can pause and resume the download as and when you want
  • APK- because it comes in the file format so you don’t need a google account to download it
  • Sharing Content- you can easily share videos with a friend through Wi-Fi
  • Cost- it is absolutely free and does not charge any money to download multimedia content

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