Vidmate 2014 install old version

The Vidmate 2014 old version is as good as any new version available these days but yes, sometimes you need to install the old version because you are running on an Android version that is older than the currently available one. The basic reason why you want to download Vidmate 2014 is that you want to download your favorite movies and videos and if your version of Android doesn’t allow you to download and install a Vidmate version that is higher than 2014, it is better to install this old version.

Why it makes sense to download and install Vidmate 2014, an older version?

When it comes to Vidmate, there are various versions available on the Internet, including Vidmate 2014. The features are more or less the same. Even the capabilities are the same for an average user. The differences just might be under the hood and if you are not very particular, it doesn’t really matter which version you download and install as long as your version of Android supports it seamlessly.

The basic point is that you should be able to download your movies and videos without any problem, free of cost, and then watch them when there is no Internet connection. Most of the people who decide to download Vidmate 2014 want to do so because one, they want to find their videos as easily as possible, and two, they want to be able to watch their videos without an Internet connection.

The ability to search and find videos is also a great reason to download and install Vidmate 2014. It has an inbuilt search engine that you can use to quickly find the videos provided you have a good Internet connection. Once you have found the videos, you can use the “Download” button to download the videos. Vidmate 2014 also allows you to download videos of different qualities. For example, you don’t want to download HD video sometimes. This is especially when you are simply looking to listen to the video and get a fair idea of what is happening. You’re not looking for quality. For that matter, you can download videos even in voice-only format.

Can you download and install Vidmate 2014 on your PC running on Windows 10?

Since Vidmate 2014 is basically an Android app, it is best to run on your Android device, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your favorite videos on your PC or laptop. There is a very easy way of installing Vidmate 2014 on your PC running on Windows 10. You simply have to first install BlueStack.

BlueStack is a virtual Android environment that simulates a mobile phone on your PC. Once you have installed Blue Stack it presents you with a visual interface that allows you to either directly install Android apps like Vidmate 2014 or search for them. It is the same as a play store. Once you have installed Vidmate 2014 within BlueStack you can also run it within BlueStack. But you are able to save the downloaded videos on any folder you feel like. Once you have downloaded your videos using Vidmate 2014, simply use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder and then play your videos.

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