Vidmate 2018 download Apk app [Free new HD latest Version]

With every new version of the Vidmate video downloading mobile app we are adding new features to improve your experience and also to enable you to download your favourite movies, game videos and music videos as easily as possible.

The same goes with Vidmate 2018. It already brims with your favourite features but we are leveraging the advancements in the Android operating system to give you a better, more enriching experience.

Not just Vidmate 2018, throughout the year we keep releasing different versions of Vidmate so that it performs its best on different Android flavours. The android operating system being an open OS, different phone models in the world are shipped with different flavours of Android. This is so that you can download exactly the Vidmate version you need for optimal experience according to your Android version.

Nonetheless, Vidmate 2018 encapsulates all the major and minor upgrades and patches to give you the best possible video downloading experience.

Why people use Vidmate 2018 to download videos?

For this, you need to understand, if you download videos and save them locally on your mobile phone, why do you do that? Either you know the reason, or you are unaware of the benefits of downloading the videos and saving them locally on your mobile phone.Space is not the issue these days. You can save massive amounts of data in a typical Android mobile phone. Even if you feel there isn’t enough space in the main memory of your mobile phone, you can always use an SD card. In a typical SD card, you can easily save 10-15 HD videos and this is enough to get you going in case you want to enjoy your videos in leisure somewhere without bothering about presence and absence of good quality Internet connection.

One of the biggest reasons why people use Vidmate 2018 to download videos is that Internet connectivity still isn’t as reliable as is needed for seamless video streaming. The quality of video is reduced when you are streaming while you are watching. But if you download the video in advance, it plays in its true quality. So, even if there is no hard-pressing reason to download the video before watching it, people prefer to download it.

The second reason is, sometimes abundant connectivity is available, and sometimes it is not. There are many Wi-Fi hotspots that provide you free connectivity. For example, many railway stations and airports these days provide free Wi-Fi connectivity. Even hotels and restaurants have a free Wi-Fi connection these days. Many commercial places have free Internet. Even at home you may have an unlimited Wi-Fi connection. These are the places where you can use your Vidmate 2018 to download your videos. Then you can watch or downloaded videos without worrying about the Internet connection and without even worrying about paying for the data that you are using.

The third reason is, the ease of finding the videos you are looking for. Take Vidmate 2018 out of the picture for a second. How do you normally find your video? You either accidentally come across it on one of the social media websites, or you spend hours trying to find it on various social media and video streaming websites. Even then, you may not find the video you really need.

Vidmate 2018 solves this problem in one single stroke. It has an inbuilt search engine you can use to find the videos you want. When you search for your video, it will go through hundreds of video streaming and social media websites and then present to you all the available options. All you have to do is, start downloading the video.

Can you use Vidmate 2018 on a PC or a laptop? What about an Apple computer?

Vidmate 2018 is an Android app. It runs on Android. It does not have a Windows equivalent. It doesn’t even have an iOS equivalent. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot make use of Vidmate to download videos on your PC or laptop. All you need is, and Android runtime environment. This runtime environment is provided by a Windows software called BlueStacks.

First you download and install BlueStacks. Once you have installed BlueStacks and logged in, it allows you to download and install every possible Android mobile app. It creates a virtual Android environment in which you can easily download and run Vidmate 2018. In fact, you don’t have to download the Vidmate.apk file from within BlueStacks. You can go to one of the Vidmate.apk websites, download the installation file and save it somewhere on your PC or laptop hard drive. Then you launch BlueStacks. From within BlueStacks, you can install Vidmate 2018 and an icon will appear on the dashboard. You can click the icon to launch Vidmate 2018 and download as many videos as you want and save them on your PC or laptop.

What about an Apple computer? There is no BlueStacks for an Apple computer. And you cannot directly run Vidmate 2018 on an Apple computer. So, what do you do?

The answer is very simple. Basically, you want to watch movies on your Apple computer irrespective of how you are downloading the movies. So, you can download the movies using an Android mobile phone or a PC or a laptop (through BlueStacks) and then transfer the files on your Apple computer.

Vidmate 2018 allows you to download individual video files. These files can be easily transferred between devices. You can email them to yourself. You can copy them on a USB drive. You can directly transfer them from one computer to another. You can transfer them from your mobile phone to your Apple computer. So, this is how, even if you cannot directly run Vidmate 2018 on an Apple computer, you can enjoy the movies and music videos that you have downloaded using Vidmate.

Want to know what more features we have included in Vidmate 2018 and how it enhances your experience of downloading movies and music videos? Do write to us. Leave comments on our Facebook page.

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