Vidmate 9.0.68

Imagine wanting to listen to some uninterrupted video or audio after a day’s hard work while going home. There is a good 4G internet speed in the mobile but it is obvious that in an outside journey, there is going to be network issues and breakages. It is next to impossible to have uninterrupted connectivity for the 45 minutes or 1 hour journey across, till home sweet home comes. So, what to do now?

Practical thinking would demand that this video or audio be downloaded into the mobile, the previous day evening, so that next day, there is absolutely no dependency on Internet.  The journey from office to home even in the crowded metro train will be truly blissful, watching the favourite video that has been downloaded on the phone yesterday.

This is possible, thanks to the app Vidmate. This app is used to download the required videos of movies, songs, TV serials, shows, any political clippings or debates or any other programmes. A great thing about the app is that it can download video’s or audios from any site like Hotstar, Daily motion, ZEE, YouTube  and other known video sites. It is not restricted to just one site and its particular programs. It is all so simple. Just go to any app store like Google Play store or 9App and then install the app on the Android phone. After that, select the URL of the desired video or the audio site and paste in on the Vidmate app. Once it comes, press download and get the video or MP3 on to the mobile.  From then on, it is just happy viewing, free from all the troubles of interrupted operator coverage.

This is an absolutely free app and there are no charges to it. However, users can install and run only on Android phones as it is compatible only on the Android platform.

Features of the Vidmate App –

The latest running version is 9.0.68 and it has the following features –

  1. There is no registration or subscription of any sort involved. It is plain and simple download to the smart phone in a matter of a few seconds. In other words, it is totally and absolutely free app. There is nothing called in-app purchases also through which many apps force users to buy for the services after the first level version is downloaded free.
  2. It has the functionality of allowing the user in choosing the resolution of the file that is required to be downloaded to the device. This option is given before the download actually starts. So, in case a particular video file has a higher resolution and thereby is a larger file, then, user can always chose another resolution, that gives a smaller file size and thereby will not impinge on the   phone internal storage.
  3. The Vidmate app makes it possible to download videos and audios from almost any site. It is not restricted to any particular video or audio site. In other words, it is absolutely site agnostic.

How to download the current and running version –

To download the 9.0.68 version, please click on the following link –

Download Vidmate

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