Vidmate 2013 download old version APK

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app has been improving with every successive version, but there are many mobile users who would like to prefer to download Vidmate 2013, which is an old version of the APK file.

Vidmate 2013, as you may know, is one of the best movie and video downloading mobile apps available on the Internet. It has a very friendly interface that you can use to not just download the movies and music videos you are desperately looking for, you can also search for them using the inbuilt interface.

In fact, you can call Vidmate 2013 a complete video finding search engine. It works on the lines of a typical play store that allows you to find the appropriate videos and it also displays you the featured list of videos that are being watched by the Vidmate community. Hence, even if you don’t have a clue of what videos you want to download (for example, if you have just downloaded Vidmate 2013 and you are simply playing around with the mobile app), you can simply browse through the homepage and look for some interesting videos to download that you can watch later on.

Why download and install Vidmate 2013, the old version APK?

The most overwhelming reason why you would download and install Vidmate 2013 old version APK is that you can watch your favourite movies and videos without an Internet connection. Watching your movies and videos without an Internet connection doesn’t mean you can watch any videos – you can watch only those videos that you have downloaded and saved using an app like Vidmate 2013.

Normally what happens is, when you need to watch a video, you need an active Internet connection. The video is streamed in real-time and hence if there is no Internet connection, there is no way you can watch that particular video. Vidmate offers a very nice solution.

It allows you to download and save the video locally so that you can watch it when you don’t have an Internet connection or when you need to use your mobile data which can be very expensive.

The state of the Internet connection these days is such that sometimes you have a Wi-Fi connection and sometimes you don’t. Normally, when you have a Wi-Fi connection, there is no metered connection, that is, the Wi-Fi connection is practically unlimited. Also, these days a Wi-Fi connection is very fast, unlike your Sim card, which can be very dicey.

So, with Vidmate 2013, you can download and save your videos when the Internet connection is good and fast, and then you can watch your videos when you either don’t have an Internet connection, or the Internet connection is slow, or it can prove to be very expensive since you might be using mobile data.

Another reason why you should download and install Vidmate 2013 old APK is that it also helps you quickly find the videos you need. Without an app like Vidmate, you may have to visit individual video streaming websites, search for your videos, get the links, and then visit online video downloading services to download individual videos. This can be very time consuming and sometimes you’re not even able to find the video you want.

Vidmate 2013, on the other hand, has an inbuilt video search engine that you can use. Simply enter the search term and look for your video. It will immediately go through hundreds of video hosting websites and find the right video for you. Using Vidmate 2013 is the quickest way of finding your preferred videos and downloading them.

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