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Are you looking for trending and catchy videos online to break the flow of boredom? But, still not finding the right content according to your taste & slow net connection making it even worse & frustrating for you? Then, no more headaches from now as UC Web has devised an app Vidmate where you can download & watch trendy collection of videos according to your preferences anytime you want. So let’s take some time to appreciate Vidmate application & know more about it.

Vidmate APK Latest Version 2018-19 –

Date File Size Version
2018-11-30 9.1 MB V3.5701
2018-10-12 7.9 MB V3.5407
2018-03-13 8.00 MB V3.41
2017-12-18 6.9 MB V3.34

Power of Vidmate

This app is designed by taking into considerations the need for trending videos & easy download without high-speed internet & too much battery consumption. It’s the mate through which one can listen, download, view unlimited music & videos and guess what it’s all for free. Interestingly, one can download videos & movies from 3rd party app too like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Snaptube, Tubemate, Videotuber, Instube & share those without any hustle on any of the social media platforms. The videos can be easily downloaded in the device & one can enjoy them anytime they want without any internet.

 Different versions of Vidmate

This one platform is so versatile to use that limitation in business policies of Google Playstore does not host it & is available in form of apk files that can be downloaded from the browser. The apk file ranges from the size of 6.9 MB to 9.1 MB in accordance with the time to time updates. The latest version of Vidmate apk file is V3.5701 launched on 30th November 2018.

 What makes Vidmate so special?

 In this High tech digital world, of course, there is availability of other download managers that provides you with the experience of continuous entertainment but, what differentiates Vidmate from all of them & makes it unique is that it always keeps you update with the trending movies, songs, and videos that too with a downloading feature anytime from 3rd party app also.

Interestingly, one can then binge-watch them without any active internet connection anytime they want that too in the resolution, language or format they prefer. Youtube, the world’s biggest video sharing & hosting site getting approximately 30 million visitors per day due to its privacy policy & conditions that don’t allow downloading of videos.

Vidmate has provided a reliable solution to this and made video buffering an outdated term now by enabling a download option. Some other points which make Vidmate one of the best applications are auto-detection of videos and easily available download options with a resumption in failed downloads. Apart from that, videos can be downloaded in the background too & stored in password protected file. The application comes with a small size on the device and does not consume a lot of memory. One can broadcast live TV too for a 24×7 basis with minimal internet.

One can always look to download these videos through Wi-Fi and save their mobile data too. Isn’t that fascinating? One can easily lean over the sofa and watch unlimited videos without any buffering and use of data. This is why the app has crossed more than 100 million downloads and it is still going.

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 11.03 MB
Version 4.1807
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 100,00,000 +

Top notch feature to download favourite videos with Vidmate app

Well, quality issues have always been a problem with the regular videos that we watch. But, no worries now as Vidmate download provides the user with full HD quality versions of videos that too can be saved offline from different sources. Video quality & its format can easily be chosen over with the Vidmate app which comes with so many options & features.

Youtube is one of the top app used for video surfing but it doesn’t provide the option to download them & sometimes the quality is also poor, so in that case, one can use Vidmate app & easily download that Youtube video in whichever quality & format required. This not only works with Youtube but also with other video apps where only a phrase or word is to be entered in Vidmate & all the sources related to that video opens up.

One of the greatest strength of Vidmate is the space that it covers in device memory is quite minimal & does not hamper activities of other apps at all. That is why Vidmate is such a unique multifunctional app.

Characteristics of featured Vidmate app

  1. App enables anyone to download videos in any format and quality.
  2. It can very easily download content from almost all of the websites. The platforms which are rich from content then become just one click away and one could name them too to work accordingly with them.
  3. Generally, people spend a big amount of their money on high-quality large pixels’ movies and shows but one can easily get free of cost stunning presentation of motion pictures on app corridor in HD quality with the preferable format on Vidmate.
  4. People nowadays face speed crisis of internet but, no worries Vidmate application allows downloading content from Youtube, Vimeo, Tubemate, Dailymotion & other video sites really fast without too much consumption of internet and also at a low speed. Basically, it uses an advanced technology that helps to get maximum output of your internet speed to provide user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  5. The security feature of Vidmate is the most advanced one where one can secure their content using passcodes with a complete user profile of one’s name.
  6. From the profile tab, one can log-in to different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and configure your profile according to preferences. One can set daytime or night mode according to the requirement easily in the application for use.

Say no more to buffering & low-quality videos requiring a high amount of data! Just hurry up & download your Vidmate apk file & install it by a gentle tap on it for free & become a part of the new saga of downloading your favourite & trending videos anytime.

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