Vidmate App V 9.0.62

This is an app that allows users to download the videos of their choice. Internet connection speeds are high and many operators are providing 3G and 4G speed data internet services. But still there are sometimes network interruptions and while travelling, data and voice connections frequently get interrupted. The Wi-Fi connections speed is very reliable equally but these can be accessed only within the four walls. The net result is that when we need the internet connection desperately, it is somehow not there. This may be to watch a match or our favourite TV serial or some interesting political debate that we missed yesterday night.

The Vidmate app puts an end to all these problems. it enables us to download the videos that we want to the mobile phones. This is done at a place where there is uninterrupted internet connection, like say Wi-Fi inside the house. Once this is done, then you can simply plug in your ear phones in the next travel journey and listen to the videos and enjoy the experience.

What exactly is the Vidmate App – It installs or downloads the video to the mobile phone and thereby the user can watch them in an offline mode whenever he or she is free. These videos can be a taken from any of the video sites. The YouTube of course is the most popular one but there are also other sites like HotStar, Vimeo, Zee 5, Video motion etc.  There are total of about 20 or 22 sites from where it is possible for Vidmate app to download these videos.

The entire process is very simple. Just paste the URL of the video site in the app bar and then click on – download.   Choose the desired resolution formation according to your requirement. The download normally happens in a couple of minutes. If the file is too large like movies then it may take some time. A lot depends on the internet speed.

Features of Vidmate Version 9/0.62 –

  1. It is totally free app and there is no cost associated with for any of the feature usage. Irrespective of its usage count, the charges remain nil.
  2. The app is completely neutral to the video site. It is not the proprietary of any particular video site and there can download from a plethora of well-known sites.
  3. Not just videos but audios can also be downloaded.
  4. The users can now stream live TV channels through the Vidmate.
  5. It is compatible only on Android smart phones and will not support any other smart phone platforms.
  6. There is an option of selecting the resolution size before the actual download of the file. This can be done according to the phone storage.

Download of Vidmate – 

This can be done in a few steps.

Click on the given link below –

Click on the APK link of the app.

Give the access permission to download from unknown sources.

The app download may take a couple of minutes in good internet speed

Enjoy seamless video and audio downloads once app is installed.

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