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People have been using Vidmate for many years now so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re looking for APK 2012 which is an old version of the video downloading the mobile app. Why is it one of the most favoured video downloading mobile apps? Because it gives you practically everything you may ever need to download your favorite movies and videos without the extra hassle of visiting individual video streaming websites, locating your videos, copy pasting the link and then using some other website or mobile app to download the video.

Just like most of the versions of Vidmate, APK 2012, which is an old version, also allows you to search for your favourite videos and movies and then seamlessly download them in no time, whether you’re using a mobile phone or a PC (there is a way you can download and install Vidmate APK 2012 on your PC or laptop).

Why download the old Vidmate APK 2012?

APK is a file extension for Android mobile apps although, if you have always used Google Play Store you may not be aware of this extension. People who download individual or independent mobile app files are familiar with the APK extension. Since Google Play Store does not allow the developers of Vidmate 2012 (and other versions) to list their video downloading a mobile app in the Play Store, the mobile app needs to be offered as an independent APK file.

The old version of Vidmate APK may be able to run on older versions of your Android operating system. Why are we making the 2012 old version available?

We understand that there are different varieties of mobile phones being used in countries where people use Vidmate to download movies and videos. The newer versions of Vidmate may not be compatible with the older versions of Android (although, the developers of Vidmate have made sure that the app is able to run on almost all the versions of Android). In such case in the area, it makes sense to download Vidmate APK 2012.

How to download and install the old Vidmate APK 2012 version?

The method remains the same no matter what version of Vidmate you download. Since you will be downloading the APK version of the file (the installation file), you can download the file from this link and then save it somewhere locally on your mobile phone.

Once you have downloaded the Vidmate APK 2012 file, just navigate to the folder where you have saved the file, tap on it and it will install. Though, before you do this, you may have to go to the Settings and then Security section of your mobile phone and enable the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” setting. It may be sometimes difficult to find this setting. In the Settings section, generally, there is a search bar that you can use to straight away go to different sections of the Settings. In the search box, look for “unknown” and it will quickly find you the section. Change the setting that allows you to download and install Android mobile apps from unknown sources, then come back to the folder where you have saved the old Vidmate APK 2012 file, and install it.

Once you have installed the Vidmate APK 2012 old version you will be able to enjoy your favourite movies and videos without an Internet connection. Download Vidmate APK 2012 now.

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