Vidmate 2015 download old version

Vidmate 2015 is one of the recent versions of the great video downloading mobile app although, if you want to download an old version and if the 2015 version works on your Android mobile phone, then you should definitely download this particular version. This is because it has the best of the previous versions as well as the latest versions.

Vidmate 2015, the old version, and the surrounding versions is one of the most popular video downloading mobile apps outside of the Google Play Store ecosystem. In fact, even those people who prefer to download and install their mobile apps from Google Play Store, resort to downloading the Vidmate 2015 APK file because the app is not available through Google Play Store.

Why do most people download and install Vidmate 2015, old version?

Vidmate is ideal for downloading unlimited movies and music videos (in fact, any sort of video you want to download and save locally) and saving them for later watching. One of the biggest reasons why people install the video downloading mobile app Vidmate 2015 is because they prefer to watch their videos whenever they feel like and they don’t want to depend on the Internet connection.

The ideal way of using Vidmate 2015 is downloading your videos and movies when you have a good Internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi connection. It’s much better if the Wi-Fi connection is unlimited because then you don’t have to incur extra cost while downloading HD videos. You can get good Wi-Fi connection on railway stations, public Wi-Fi hotspots in these days even at home because many Internet providers these days offer unlimited Internet connection packages.

So, once you have made sure that you’re connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection and not your mobile data (that will prove to be very expensive if you download HD videos), you can download all your movies and music videos to your heart’s content and save them locally on your mobile phone’s hard drive, preferably in a dedicated folder.

This will come handy when you’re planning to visit a place where a Wi-Fi connection is not going to be available and the mobile data will either be very expensive or not available at all. Just because there is no Internet connectivity it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to watch your videos. Perhaps you’re sitting up on a mountain top and you want to watch a romantic movie with your lover. This will be a very critical time and you cannot depend on an Internet connection.

How to download Vidmate 2015 and install it on your mobile phone

Whether you have an older version of Android or a newer version, you can safely download and install Vidmate 2015 because it is packed with all the features you may ever need. Sure, the latest versions of Vidmate may have many security patches and even lots of features sprinkled around, but as far as downloading your favourite movies and videos goes, you can easily achieve the task using Vidmate 2015. This is the link you can use to download your favourite version of Vidmate.

You will be downloading it as an independent APK file because Vidmate is not allowed to be listed in Google Play Store simply because you can download free videos, sometimes even copyrighted videos. Hence, you need to download the file as an independent APK file. Then you go to the Settings and make changes so that you can install Android apps from “Unknown Sources”. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install Vidmate 2015.

Once you have changed this setting, there remains no hurdle and you’re on your way to downloading unlimited movies and videos. Enjoy.

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