Vidmate Download 2016 Free for Android

Some crucial things about the vidmate app

Have you ever wondered that’s why people prefer to use online video downloader? The reason behind this is there are a huge number of videos that people like and want to save these videos in their personal storage and watch them anytime they like. There if you also like some videos and want those to keep saved then there are a huge number of apps that you can consider using. But make sure that most of these apps require some investment.

On the other hand, other apps will not provide the same features so you will have to make the right decision. If you want all the features and also do not want to spend any money then the best thing you can do is choose vidmate download 2016 app. In this, you will get a huge number of features that can help you enjoy as much as you want. Along with this, you will not have to spend anything on the app as it is free of cost. You can easily use the app according to your requirements.

Why people prefer using vidmate?

Using this app is really good that’s the reason that people prefer using vidmate higher than any other app. There are more than 100,000,000+ downloads of the app in the play store on android platform. There are a lot of reasons that show why people using vidmate download 2016 app. Here are some of them in detail.


One of the main things people see in these apps is that they can download a huge number of songs or videos from any website. If you use any other app then you will get to download a limited amount of multimedia files in a small amount of money. So it is really hard to use these apps and spend a lot of money. But in vidmate, you will get to download unlimited multimedia files as you want.

Available in all formats

Another important thing a user needs from these apps is to download the files in different-different formats. If you use other apps than you will not be able to get the files in all formats as you want. On the other hand, if you have chosen vidmate download 2016 then you will get all the formats and you do not have to worry anymore.

Online movies and TV shows

If you have an online video downloader other than vidmate than you will see that you are just able to download multimedia files from popular sites. But if you choose vidmate download 2016 then you will be able to watch online movies and TV shows with ease. You will be getting all the things to pass your leisure time at a single place free of cost. This is way better than any other app in the market.

These are some of the main features that make the vidmate download 2016 app way better than other apps in the market. These points are the reason behind the higher demand of vidmate in the market. Eventually, it becomes the best and most used app in the market.

Some important FAQs answered

Once people start to use the app they sometimes face issues and some of them need to know some crucial things about the app. If you are one of them then here are some answers to some of the main FAQs that most of the people ask. Make sure that you have read all the FAQs so that you can easily know about vidmate in details. Here are some of the main FAQ of the vidmate app.

What is vidmate?

There are a huge number of people who do not know what vidmate is? Well, it is an online video downloading platform that helps you download all the videos for free. But as with the time more and more features have been added in the app so that the user can pass his time as long as he needs. There are a huge number of things added in the app to help the user enjoy.

Is it free?

A huge number of people ask that is vidmate free? Well, it is free and the reason behind asking this question is that most of the apps like this have a lot of hidden costs that the user will have to pay if he needs to use the app. On the other hand, is the vidmate app, it has no costs and the user can use it for as much as long he needs without any cost.

Is it safe?

Well, the app is not available on the play store which eventually means that it is not fully safe. The only reason behind this is the policy of Google play. These policies do not allow anyone to download any video from YouTube. This makes vidmate download 2016 app not safe for use according to Google. But if you check it in other ways than it is 100% secure to use and there are no malware or virus in the app.

How to download the videos?

Downloading the videos from vidmate download 2016 is really easy. The user just needs to copy the link of the video from the platform like YouTube. After that, you have to paste the link in the search box in the vidmate app. The app will automatically find the video and provide you the downloading options. You can download the video in a variety of formats according to your requirements and features of your phone. Along with this, the best thing about the app is that you will get a great downloading speed that will download the video in a very small amount of time.

These were some of the main FAQs that people ask about the vidmate app. If you had any queries then read the above points and get a solution for your problems. Hope that the above-mentioned information will be trustworthy for you to know more about the vidmate download 2016 app.

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