Vidmate 2017 download HD APK file

Vidmate 2017 is the ultimate video downloading mobile app if you want to download HD videos on your mobile phone and for that matter, also on your PC or laptop.

If you want to download and install Vidmate 2017 on your mobile phone to download HD videos, you will need to download an APK file for the installation. Vidmate 2017 is not listed in Google Play Store because it allows you to download unlimited free videos. If a unique link for the video exists, Vidmate 2017 allows you to download it.

Why it makes sense to download and install the Vidmate 2017 APK file?

The Vidmate 2017 APK file first of all is a very small file. Hardly less than 2 MB. But this is not the only reason why you should download and install the Vidmate 2017 APK file. It is the humongous benefit it brings to you. You can download practically unlimited videos and save them on your mobile phone, free of cost. Yes, it is a free app.

Want to watch your favourite movie free? Why not check out Vidmate 2017? It has an inbuilt search engine that will search for your movie video on hundreds of movie hosting websites and then list all the options in front of you and you can easily pick and choose.

How many video hosting websites do you know of? 5? 10? Or maybe even 20? Suppose you want to look for a particular video. What will you do? You will individually visit these websites, search for the video, go to the video link, copy/paste the video link, then go to another website that allows you to download videos, and then download the video. Then you will need to wait until the entire video has downloaded. You may end up spending an entire day downloading just 2-3 videos, especially if you’re looking for HD videos.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded and installed the Vidmate 2017 APK file, you can find and download your favourite videos in a matter of a few minutes. It immediately eliminates the need to visit individual video hosting websites because of its inbuilt search functionality.

Once you have installed Vidmate 2017 on the homepage, there is a search bar. You can use the search bar to look for the videos you want to download.

After entering the search term (the title of your video or a part of the title) you tap on the search icon in the Vidmate 2017 and search function searches on hundreds of websites to find you the video you are looking for. So, you no longer have to visit individual websites. Once it has found the video, it lists its various versions vertically in front of you and you can choose which version you want to download.

Download HD videos with the Vidmate 2017 APK app

The best thing about Vidmate 2017 is that it allows you to download your videos in various qualities. It finds HD videos for you. It also finds lower resolution videos for you. You don’t always want to download HD videos.

Aside from this, you can also download simply the audio files, something like an MP3 file. It converts your video file into an MP3 file so that you can enjoy your music without having to watch the video.

Most of the people download and install Vidmate 2017 to be able to watch their videos without an Internet connection.

If the Vidmate video downloading mobile app is installed on your mobile phone you can download your videos when you have a good Wi-Fi connection. Most of the Wi-Fi hotspots have unlimited Internet connectivity these days. While there, you can download your videos. Then, when you are away, when you have to rely on your mobile data connection, you can switch off your mobile data, navigate to the folder where you have saved your video files, and enjoy your videos. Even when there is no Internet connection, since the videos are already downloaded, you can watch them.

So, stop depending on an Internet connection and decide your own time when you want to watch your videos. Download and install Vidmate 2017 APK file and never depend on an active Internet connection.

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