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Lifestyles nowadays have created a lot of competition and frustration among the youth, which has led to rigorous working at a continuous rate. It is good that the generation has a sense of responsibility towards their work, but a small break in between the work is also necessary to break the silence of monotony.

So, for quick relief and rejuvenation, Alibaba Group has launched an app Vidmate, which is so versatile to use in case of video and audio downloading. This app features itself on the modern day hotspot and lifeline that is Android mobile phones. Vidmate consistently serves users with freshly brewed content every time they want, whether it be music or movies.

Also, one can easily install any number of apps from Vidmate platform that are not available on the Google Play Store. Interestingly, users can download videos & movies from 3rd party app too like Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, Tubemate, Videotuber, Instube & share those without any hassle on any of the social media platform.

Since the app Vidmate is available in many versions, one has an abundant variety to choose from. These versions take almost 10 MB space in mobile phones, which is not that much but still for users Vidmate has come up with Vidmate Lite app only tailor made for Android phone users. This compact app has a highly user friendly interface and easy to navigate feature.

Since it’s a generation known for miniature discoveries with big tasks and qualities, so Vidmate Lite is one of them popularly known as pocket size rocket. Let’s sneak peek into the Vidmate Lite magic.

  • Benefits of using Lite apps

The Lite apps are generally smaller in size & cover very less memory than the parent app. It is very easy to use for all the applications that the parent app provided.

One gets better quality with reduced hassle in lite apps. These can be easily downloaded with minimum data and require almost negligible data for their functioning and maintenance, unlike the parent app.

  • What about Vidmate Lite Version?

By downloading the, all new Vidmate Lite version subscribed users can watch their favourite TV shows and web series with very less amount of data and at no cost. But, it is not the end as there are still many reasons to believe that Vidmate Lite is a great invention.

  1. Availability of both Portrait and Landscape modes for video and content viewing, unlike parent apps.
  2. Previewing and downloading videos of one’s choice at any time without any hassle.
  3. Auto detection of the similar video after playing a certain video of one’s choice, which many apps don’t do.
  4. Tailor made for Android users as they can use this tiny size app for searching any video, audio and web series by just adding a phrase in the search bar.
  • Features of Vidmate Lite Version

The pocket size dynamo of Vidmate that is Vidmate Lite is designed with loads of features keeping in mind its extensible use by Android users. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Vidmate Lite.

  1. It is customized for all types of features just like the parent app in small size.
  2. Better and simple user interface than the parent app.
  3. Allows access to different tools of browse, play, resume or rewind a particular video or music.
  4. One can perform other task on their phones during downloading & when it completes they will receive a notification from watching the downloaded items.
  5. It has the latest technology of detecting the best videos for users by viewing their social platform tasks.
  • Download Vidmate from 9Apps

The stand out version of Vidmate Lite can be downloaded by following simple steps.

  1. Download Vidmate Lite APK file from Vidmate website or 9apps store.
  2. Adjust the device settings according to the APK download.
  3. Allow download from unknown sources from settings of the phone.
  4. Tap on Vidmate Lite APK file and click on install.
  5. Finally, the user is set to explore Vidmate Lite application.

Many users prefer to use Vidmate Lite version than parent version to enjoy the other features embedded with it. So, get set with the Vidmate Lite version and download your favourite music and videos free of cost.

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