Vidmate – Enjoy Watching Most Entertaining Videos At Single Destination

In this modern era, frustration & boredom from monotonous life schedule has become a common problem, whether it be for those working at the office, sitting at home or stuck in seemingly never-ending road traffic. One needs to find a mode of relaxation & recreation generally for those who want a rapid solution to rejuvenate themselves in quick time. So, finally, for all those in need of quick rejuvenation, a top notch app has been launched called Vidmate, which one can easily install on their phones and break the prison of monotony in their lives. It’s the mate through which one can listen, download, view unlimited music & videos and guess what it’s all for free. Apart from this, one can install any number of apps from Vidmate platform that can’t be found on Google Play Store. Interestingly, one can download videos & movies from 3rd party app too like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Snaptube, Tubemate, Videotuber, Instube & share those without any hustle on any of the social media platforms. To get all these highly exciting features on a single platform is so remarkable and time saving, isn’t it? Now, it’s not just the end we are here to provide you with each and every insight of Vidmate:


Introduction to Vidmate

The one platform solution Vidmate, to get rid of daily life monotony was developed by UCWeb (an integral part of Alibaba Group). This application is completely free of cost & only available for download in apk version through any of your browser. The main functions of downloading applications and videos of Vidmate make it too hot to handle for Google Play Store and marketplace policies, which is not yet compatible with distributing the applications with these features. It introduced itself into the market with a whopping 600 million+ users from 100+ countries.

How it differentiates itself from other applications

In this High tech digital world, of course, there is availability of other download managers that provides you with the experience of continuous entertainment but, what differentiates Vidmate from all of them & makes it unique is that it always keeps you update with the trending movies, songs and videos that too with a downloading feature anytime from 3rd party app also. Interestingly, one can then binge-watch them without any active internet connection anytime they want that too in the resolution, language or format they prefer. Youtube, the world’s biggest video sharing & hosting site getting approximately 30 million visitors per day due to its privacy policy & conditions doesn’t allow downloading of videos. Vidmate has provided a reliable solution to this and made video buffering an outdated term now by enabling a download option. Some other points which make Vidmate one of the best applications are autodetection of videos and easily available download option with a resumption in failed downloads. Apart from that, videos can be downloaded in the background too & stored in a password-protected file. The application comes with a small size on the device and does not consume a lot of memory. One can broadcast live TV too for a 24×7 basis with minimal of internet.

Features of Vidmate

For the given single platform for all the entertainment features are mind-blowing and listed as below:

  1. The app enables anyone to download videos in any format and quality.
  2. It can very easily download content from almost all of the websites. The platforms which are rich from content then becomes just one click away, and one could name them too to work accordingly with them.
  3. Generally, people spend a big amount of their money on high quality large pixels’ movies and shows, but one can easily get free of cost stunning presentation of motion pictures on app corridor in HD quality with the preferable format on Vidmate.
  4. People nowadays face speed crisis of internet but, no worries Vidmate application allows to download content from Youtube, Vimeo, Tubemate, Dailymotion & other video sites really fast without too much consumption of internet and also at a low speed. Basically, it uses an advanced technology that helps to get the maximum output of your internet speed to provide user friendly interface and easy navigation.
  5. With the new rules and regulations of TRAI watching TV with a cable has become quite an expensive and time consuming task as one becomes restricted to watch TV only at home and when free. But what Vidmate has done is that it provides you with a feature to view live TV show, serial or a match in HD at any place you are apart from music and videos. This is one of the top-class features which you may never be able to find in other apps for free of cost. TV channels on Vidmate load quite faster so that you can enjoy free live TV channels even when your internet connection is slow. The Watch it Later and multi downloading feature gives you access to videos whenever you want and are free to watch.
  6. The security feature of Vidmate is the most advanced one where one can secure their content using passcodes with a complete user profile of one’s name.
  7. From the profile tab, one can log in to different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and configure your profile according to preferences. One can set daytime or night mode according to the requirement easily in the application for use.
  8. Nowadays, even the smallest of the thing we use is at some cost. But in this fast pacing world, Vidmate being a download manager provides all of its services without any halt at no cost that makes it so unique.

So with changing times in this world, the perception still remains the same that is to get the adequate and rightful content to enjoy the pastimes in the best possible manner. Vidmate App has been quite successful in fulfilling those needs of people with its unlimited options for the user. One can easily download the app and enjoy the downloading their favourite videos at free of cost.

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