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Vidmate is a marvellous video downloading app for Android, iOS and PC that helps you download your favourite videos – movies, music and TV serials – and save them as independent files that you can play using any of your favourite video player apps.

The biggest benefit of using an app like Vidmate for downloading your videos and saving them off-line on your device is that when you want to enjoy your videos you don’t have to depend on an Internet connection, and if you have an Internet connection, then you don’t have to depend on the quality of the connection.

The point is, no matter how tall claims the Internet service providers make, the connection can be quite unreliable sometimes, especially when it comes to streaming HD videos. Besides, even if the connection is good, your experience also depends on the pressure on the server from where your device is accessing the videos.

This is why it makes sense to download your videos using a mobile app like Vidmate. It is a very light app, just 3MB. It comes with advanced technology to allow you to download videos from multiple sources and in whichever video quality you prefer, whichever file format you prefer. You can even decide whether you want to download your videos fast or slow.

Wondering whether you can use the Vidmate video downloading mobile app on your PC or laptop? It seamlessly works in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Though, you will need an Android virtual environment to run this app, but you can easily create this environment using BlueStock. Search for it on, download it, install it on your PC or laptop and you are set to use Vidmate on your computer.

Download Vidmate For Android

Install Vidmate now and enjoy unlimited video watching on multiple platforms

You can download the Vidmate.APK installation file and then start downloading your videos from the word go. The steps are very straightforward.

There is a small tweak that you will need to do in your Android device before you can download and install the Vidmate video downloading mobile app. You will need to change the settings so that your mobile phone allows you to install Android apps from “Unknown sources”.

Normally when you install mobile apps you do it from Google Play. Since Vidmate is available independent of Google Play, as a separate APK file, you will have to go to your settings and turn on the feature that allows you to install apps from “Unknown sources”.

All Versions Vidmate for Android –

Date File Size Version
2018-11-30 9.1 MB V3.5701
2018-10-12 7.9 MB V3.5407
2018-03-13 8.00 MB V3.41
2017-12-18 6.9 MB V3.34

The proceeding steps are very simple.

  1. Download Vidmate and save it somewhere on your device. Most probably it will be saved in your “Downloads” folder.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the Vidmate installation file. Tap on the file.
  3. That’s it. It begins to install.

Once the installation is complete you are ready to download your videos out of millions of video choices available on the Internet. The app has an inbuilt search feature. Just like the Google search engine, you can search for your video using the inbuilt search engine of the app and it displays video choices from all major video hosting platforms.

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 11.03 MB
Version V. 3.4.6
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 100,00,000 +

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app allows you to download your favourite videos from all contemporary video hosting platforms and most of the video streaming services.

Vidmate Video Downloader

Vidmate allows you to download videos just the way you want

The coolest thing about Vidmate is that once you start using it, it doesn’t confine you to a particular ecosystem. You can use all contemporary formats to download the video files. You can download HD quality videos as well as low quality videos. The videos are downloaded as separate files, so you can transfer the videos from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

Vidmate Apk InstallSo, free yourself of the video services that want to trap you into using just their services. Download the videos using the Vidmate video downloading app and enjoy them at your own leisure. Have questions? Do ask us any time.

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