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The whole technological world is a pool of possibilities and different avenues. Wonders never cease when it comes to internet entertainment and they certainly won’t with Vidmate’s video downloading the application. The exquisite application allows for an uninterrupted and class apart video watching experience. Be it waiting at a train station or killing various sources of boredom, users can watch and download movies, TV serials, music anytime and anywhere with the convenience of one single app.

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 11.03 MB
Version V4.1807
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 100,00,000 +

About Vidmate video downloading app:

Downloading videos and other entertainment content has become a common phenomenon, especially for smartphone users who are on the move. As much as the practice is prevalent, downloading these days is not a piece of cake. With rough regulations and an even rougher set of market policies posted by servers, entertainment ironically becomes a frustration.

Enter Vidmate video downloading the application. A video downloading app, absolutely free cost with no strings attached. What is more, it is that one can effortlessly view videos irrespective of an internet connection.

Vidmate understands the efforts taken by a user to access entertainment, which unfortunately other applications don’t. The brainchild of UCWeb, Vidmate downloading application is like no other.

Whilst other video streaming websites like YouTube Dailymotion etc require videos to exclusively run on these sites, Vidmate does not. Simply put, all videos downloaded and via Vidmate are saved at one location which can either be viewed through Vidmate app or standard video player.

How to go about installing Vidmate:

The installation procedure of Vidmate is simple, hassle-free and requires brief and quick steps. Vidmate works on the basic premise of functioning as an independent Android package file, commonly referred to as an APK file. An independent APK file implies that the downloading application is not available on the Google Play Store. Meaning by, installation requires access to unknown sources.

This can be achieved by changing the security settings to trust unknown sources.

Once the unknown sources are allowed to be trusted, users can download the vidmate.apk application and the installation file is then saved on the mobile phone or PC. Once you click on the installation file, the application is simply installed.

The user is then directed to the simple interface of Vidmate’s video downloading the application, from where thousands of movies and songs can be downloaded in different formats and across different video hosting platforms.

Download Vidmate For Android

What benefits can be availed with Vidmate’s android application?

The benefits provided by a simplified Vidmate entertainment application are vested in its very features. Basically, it is the independent sourcing of APK that makes Vidmate different from other video hosting sites.

Every feature is conscientiously designed for an enhanced user experience. At this juncture, it is imperative to look at some of the features which make Vidmate a diamond in the rough of several other video downloading applications:

  1. Vidmate is light and compact. The 2 MB application is a single platform to access content from virtually any video hosting site. No other downloading application can perform efficiently with less storage.
  2. It is simple and secure. All content can be authentically and legally downloaded, all the while being devoid of restrictions.
  3. Vidmate comes with an intuitive search experience. It provides a hassle-free content surfing experience without having to visit multiple destinations.
  4. The download manager of this video downloading application is certainly unparalleled. Registered users can download content as per their discretion, play, pause, resume or stop downloading any multimedia content.
  5. Vidmate is versatile and free of cost. It supports multiple formats and several android versions. Users are also given the options to choose from the resolution and size of the content depending upon the device’s nature and storage facility.
  6. The application is fast and smooth. With the speed of light, users can download as many movies as they like without facing interruptions.
  7. Vidmate is popularly known for providing a virtually consistent experience. Irrespective of the nature of one’s internet service provider, Vidmate makes the best possible use of the internet connection. Unlike other servers, problems of buffering and refreshing content are easily eliminated.
  8. The free of cost application is the topmost feature. No subscription fee models or payment procedures whatsoever.

All Versions Vidmate for Android –

Date File Size Version
2018-11-30 9.1 MB V3.5701
2018-10-12 7.9 MB V3.5407
2018-03-13 8.00 MB V3.41
2017-12-18 6.9 MB V3.34

Vidmate Video Downloader

Are there different versions of Vidmate’s video downloading the application?

If there is one thing an application like Vidmate is known for, it has to be the diversity of content and features it provides. The entertainment experience comes in all versions and formats, to cater to every segment of the internet market.

As many as five versions are available, each being an advance over the other. While the lower versions support basic operating systems, the higher rungs of Vidmate come with extra sophisticated features with state of the art search engine to access multimedia content. Higher versions are in-built with quicker search features and amenable to a wide variety of resolutions and formats.

Vidmate Apk Install

The categories are diverse as far as movies and music are concerned.

One thing common across the different versions of Vidmate’s free video downloading application is that the video downloading experience is fit for every Android device. In simple words, there is a perfect Vidmate version for every Android device.

Having discussed the intricate details and exploring the depths of this wonderful application, it goes without saying that Vidmate provides an unparalleled and compact video watching experience. Users are bound to be enthralled by the vastness of the content which the platform serves. After garnering a large market share, one can conveniently say that Vidmate has broadened the horizons of entertainment, by putting various video hosting concerns into perspective and plugging in the loopholes. Every user has the right to access quality content, but not at the cost of endless and time-consuming efforts. Vidmate resonates with this principle and accurately addresses the problems faced by users in terms of internet service, price, and quality. In Vidmate you can, therefore, find a constant companion to explore the entertainment content across multi-varied platforms. With a sound video downloading the application, users can virtually do everything at once.

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