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We understand that the Vidmate video downloading mobile app is one of the most widely used mobile apps for downloading your favourite movies, videos and TV series.

Since Vidmate is widely used, it is but natural you’d also like to use it on an iPhone or an iPad or an iMac or one of your iOS devices to enjoy your favorite videos even when there is no Internet connection. Unfortunately, it is not.

Although, nothing stops us from developing the iOS version of the Vidmate video downloading mobile app, Apple doesn’t allow us to feature the app in the App Store and unlike Android apps, you cannot download iOS installation files independent of the app store.

What we mean to say is, if you want to use an Android app like Vidmate, and if the app is not listed in Google Play, there’s no need to worry. You can simply go to the developer’s website, download the APK standalone installation file onto your mobile phone, and install the app. It’s as simple as that.

Does it mean you cannot enjoy your favorite movies on your iPhone or iPad? You can.

You can install the Vidmate video downloading app on an Android mobile phone or tablet, or even a Windows PC or laptop through BlueStacks, download your videos, and then transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. Since you can download the videos in multiple formats through Vidmate, you can also download them in iOS friendly formats.

Download Vidmate For iPhone,iPad and IOS Devices

What are the advantages of using Vidmate even if you can’t use it on iPhone and iPad?

There is a reason why Vidmate is the most widely used video downloading mobile app in the world.

It searches for your videos from every possible video streaming source that hosts videos, including YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, IGTV, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other video streaming sources. Frankly, if a website streams videos, Vidmate can download videos from it.

This saves you a ton of time.

Usually, finding and downloading the right video can be very time consuming, and in many cases, you won’t even be able to find the right video in the right format.

Conventionally, you’ll have to visit individual websites or mobile apps to look for the video you need to download and save it locally. Just imagine how much time you will spend visiting every link and every mobile app.

With Vidmate on the other hand, you can use the inbuilt search engine to find your favorite video. The Vidmate video search engine crawls every possible streaming source, prepares a comprehensive list of download options and then arranges them vertically for you so that you can select the best video version to download and save.

Not just that. You can choose if you want to download the normal version or the HD version. You can choose which format you want. You can also choose whether to download the video right now or schedule it when you have a better Internet connection.

Why do people download videos using a video downloading mobile app like Vidmate?

Wi-Fi connections are available everywhere these days. They are extremely fast. Most of the Wi-Fi connections these days give you a downloading speed of anywhere between 2 Mbps-15 Mbps, and sometimes even 100 Mbps.

Mobile data carriers on the other hand, although promise great speed, don’t often live up to the promise. Sometimes even YouTube videos annoyingly buffer for a long time. Besides, mobile data can be costly. Especially if you are planning to visit a place where you are not going to get uninterrupted connectivity, it will be highly useful if all the videos that you need are already saved on your mobile phone.

You cannot watch your videos all the time. For example, when you have a Wi-Fi connection, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately start watching the video you want to watch. But, even if you cannot watch the video, you can download it so that you can watch it later.

This, is one of the biggest advantages of using the Vidmate video downloading mobile app. It quietly downloads the videos you want to download and save them on your mobile phone using the available Wi-Fi connection. Set the Vidmate video downloading mobile app to download all the videos you have selected, and leave your mobile phone to do its job. If the connection is good, within a couple of hours, all your videos should be downloaded and saved locally on your mobile phone.

Then, at your own luxury, you can enjoy your videos even when there is no Wi-Fi available.

Vidmate downloads the videos as independent video files. For example, once you have downloaded a particular video, it resides on your mobile phone as an AVI file or an MP4 file or whatever format you have chosen. You can physically move around these files. This means, you can move these files to another device. Which means, you can move these files to your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device and enjoy your videos over there. You can also create an online archive of all the videos that you have downloaded on your cloud device like iCloud from where all the devices connected to your iCloud account can access the video files and play the videos.

Do we have plans for making the Vidmate video downloading mobile app available on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices?

Why not? Although it doesn’t seem possible in the near future because Apple has never given any indication that it is going to make iOS an open source mobile operating system, technology changes really fast.

Who knows, some day Apple may decide to make its mobile operating system open source and may even allow independent developers to offer iOS apps without having to get them listed in App Store. Then you will be able to download your favourite video downloading mobile app and install it even on your iPhone or iPad. Up till then, you may have to rely on the nearby Android device to first download your videos on the Android device and then physically transfer the video files onto your iOS device. It is a small hassle and worth the effort if you want to enjoy your favourite videos on your preferred device.

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