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There are millions of movies and videos to be watched on the Internet. Various authorities and companies have cracked down on video downloading websites, but still, you can directly download online movies from video streaming services, save them locally on your mobile phone, and then watch them later, with the help of the Vidmate video downloader.

Download thousands of online movies for free with Vidmate

Vidmate is a nifty video downloading mobile app that allows you to download unlimited videos, including movies, documentaries, music videos and practically every type of video you have ever wanted to watch within the comfort of your mobile screen. With its advanced video search engine, you can find even rare videos that you haven’t been able to find yourself.

Why it is easier to find online movies through the Vidmate video downloading mobile app?

As mentioned above, it has an advanced video search engine. Normally when you need to find a video, what do you do? You log onto various video streaming websites and search for the video. Often there are multiple choices. You play a few videos. You either find the video you are looking for, or you move on to another video streaming website or social media website that may have the video you are looking for. The process may take hours, or even days.

With the Vidmate downloader, you don’t need to visit individual websites. The inbuilt search engine does the job for you. It crawls through multiple video streaming websites and social media websites and then lists all the movies it has found, vertically, in front of you. You can quickly review the videos and download the best video. So, whether it has to crawl 20 websites or 200 websites, in a matter of a few seconds, it finds all the versions of the movies that you want to download and present them to you quickly. After that, you just have to decide which version you want to download.

Vidmate Movies

Watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free on Vidmate

Do you want to watch your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free but don’t want to pay to the movie streaming websites? Although there is nothing wrong in paying for the streaming services, the problem with these services is that one, you need an Internet connection to enjoy movies and two, even if you have downloaded the movies, these movies are not downloaded as independent video files. You cannot transfer these movies to other mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can just watch them in the apps that are used to watch movies and TV series from these streaming services.

Hollywood and Bollywood movies are constantly being uploaded to various free streaming websites and this is where Vidmate can download the movies for you. Once you have downloaded the movies, you can enjoy them at leisure whenever you feel like.

Why download your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies with Vidmate in advance?

The Internet connection isn’t good quality everywhere. If the Wi-Fi Internet connection is not available or if it is password protected and you don’t have access to the password, you will be forced to watch the videos using the mobile data connection. The mobile data connection isn’t just slow, it can also be very expensive especially if you want to enjoy your movie in HD. So, what you do?

There are many free Wi-Fi spots available these days. While you may not be able to watch your movies in real-time, you can let them be downloaded using the Vidmate video downloading mobile app and then watch them later. Vidmate works in the background. You don’t have to keep the screen on all the time while you’re Bollywood and Hollywood movies are being downloaded. Simply let Vidmate know which movies you want to download and then go about doing other things. You can keep the phone in your bag or in your pocket and as long as it can remain connected to the Wi-Fi connection, there is no need to worry.

Even if you are about to embark upon a journey and you have a good Wi-Fi connection at home, but you know that when you’re travelling, the connection will not be good. This is a good time to use Vidmate to download all your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies and save them on your mobile phone or your laptop, or even your tablet. Suppose you are planning to leave in the morning. Set Vidmate to download all your movies before going to bed at night and leave the phone on your table. By the time you get up in the morning and leave your house, all the movies will be downloaded and you will be able to watch them while you are travelling in train, metro, car, or bus.

Can you watch unlimited Hollywood and Bollywood movies by downloading them with Vidmate?

If there is a movie existing on the Internet and if the movie is available on a video streaming website, Vidmate will download it for you. Of course, there are some websites that may use pay walls and different blockers, but still, there are hundreds of alternative websites from where Vidmate can find your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies and present them to you to download.

Due to abundant availability of broadband Internet connection, movie enthusiasts are constantly creating movie video files and uploading them on cloud hosting and video streaming websites. They know that people like you want to download your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies using video downloading mobile apps like Vidmate. So, on one website or another, you are able to find your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Are these really unlimited movies?

Yes, once you have downloaded and installed Vidmate, you can download unlimited movies from unlimited sources on the Internet. These sources can be video streaming websites or they can be social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. If a publicly accessible link of the video is available, Vidmate will download your movie.

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