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Vidmate app has managed to create fervour amongst its audience and provide utmost satisfaction to its users. It is an online platform which gives you access to unlimited songs, movies, shows and videos. The need for recreation and refreshment is inevitable. One tends to get exhausted from the monotonous and tedious job and lifestyle they pursue. This considerably deteriorates their energy levels. All they need and seek in such times is a blow of energy. Vidmate has been the same for many and can be your energy mate too. All you have to do is tap that install button and grant yourself access to the scintillating world of music, movies and other entertainment media.

This app has been successful in attracting many and is leading with satisfied users. While most of the users cherish the experience of this app, they are many who aren’t able to utilise it completely due to certain features of their mobile phones. One of these traits is small memory. Mobile phoned containing less memory holding capacity may not be able to embrace Vidmate. But if you are a victim of the same issue, there is utterly no need to be disheartened! This is because Vidmate has totally taken care of this concern. This has been done by introduction of the Vidmate Lite app. This app is nothing but a miniature of the Vidmate app. This smaller version fits easily into the mobiles phones encompassing tiny unoccupied spaces. You don’t need to worry about having to compromise with the features of the app either. All the basic and significant features of the app remain intact when you use the Lite version.

The low-end device users no longer have to worry about having missed out on the unlimited services offered by the Vidmate app. The app without any hassle, offersall the key features and services. This one-stop solution by Vidmate can take you out of your boring scenario to a fun world full of entertaining content. All the shows and videos you have been looking for and surfing for, incessantly, on the internet are all available on this app. While occupying minimum capacity of your phone, this app allows you to download and save the videos you wish to watch later. This app is nothing short of a colossal pool of content. If you have been looking for some tool to escape the monotony of your life, Vidmate is an app you cannot afford to miss.

The Vidmate app is compatible with most of the mobile phones, brushing off any fears you have. This compact app is rather known to have shown a better streaming quality and faster downloading speed. It is nothing but a dilute form of the original main app. The use of this version of the app allows you to defy any discrepancy in the performance caused by using the main app on a low-end device. You can browse for and accordingly navigate your favourite content to enjoy on this app. Content from different platforms like Snaptube, Tumblr, Instagram and Tumblr to name of a few. The features of this app thus, remain enormous and remarkable. Let’s take a deeper look into the various aspects of this mini app:


Vidmate app is a one-stop solution for you if you are desperately hunting for your favourite music, videos, movie or shows. Thus, this app is no less than a saviour for those who are looking to walk past their boring and non-exciting lives. The app comes with unlimited content on its interface, letting users access their favourite piece of entertainment. The app is utterly free, giving you another reason for an in impulsive download of this app. This tool can only be downloaded in the apk version on all sorts of format that you phone might embrace. Vidmate Lite was the app introduced by Vidmate itself and is a compact app, essentially designed for low-end phones. No all phones have enough capacity and space to contain the original app- Vidmate. Those mobile sets having small memories can easily embrace the Vidmate Lite app. This app can be downloaded in fraction of minutes, considering the small size of the app. What astonishes the audience is that there is absolutely nothing that we have to pay to get this app.  The Vidmate Lite tool can be accessed on the 9apps store. It offers services like search, download, bookmark, browse and play without any kind of hassle. This app ensures that there no longer remains the need to possess a high-end device to be entertained.


The bigger version of the Vidmate lite app barely has some exclusive features which cannot be seen in the diluted version. Other than those all the services offered by the original app can be easily spotted in its mini version. The smaller version was designed and introduced in order to ensure that low-end phone users don’t have to face space-related problems in their mobile phones. This compact and diluted version of the toll occupies very little space while offering all the essential features, required to access your favourite multimedia content from diverse sources. This solution allows you to choose the quality option of the video considering the data plan of the user. This stands as one of the exclusive attributes of this tool. This app is nothing but a smaller replica of the main Vidmate app.


The Vidmate Lite app is a light-weighted app supposed to be enjoyed by those having space issues in their mobile phones. While this app was designed, no compromises have been made with the features and the attributes of the app. Some of these alluring features are:

  1. The app allows you to gain access to unlimited set of content in terms of movies, shows or songs. All you need to do is copy & paste the URL of the video in the search bar provided in the app. It has an in-built search engine which navigates your favourite piece of media seamlessly.
  2. This tiny version of the tool allows you to customise the video quality option considering your constraints with the data plans.
  3. This interface is utmost smooth to operate keeping in mind the UI/ UX aspect of the app. It has not shortcoming when compared with the original app in terms of ease to use and compatibility it shares with varied age groups.
  4. Vidmate Lite also comes to your rescue if you are about to loose your interrupted internet connection. You can download multiple media content at the same time in the app with the amazing capacity of download manager. You can enjoy these later, when you have lost the connectivity.

Hence, this app has preserved all the key features of the main app and rather has a simpler user interface. These attributes of the tool solution compel one to go ahead and install the app.

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