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Vidmate allows you to download all the movies you want

You love watching movies on your mobile device, don’t you? But the biggest problem is the Internet connection. Although the Internet connection is everywhere these days, the quality of the connection is not the same.

Besides, if you love watching movie, you may have to spend lots of money on mobile data. These are great solution for that: Vidmate.

The Vidmate movie downloading mobile app allows you to download all your movies while you have a Wi-Fi connection in the vicinity. These movies are then stored locally on your mobile device as independent movie files and you can watch them using your preferred movie player or you can even watch them within Vidmate.

Why use Vidmate to download your favourite movies?

Movie video files can be very big, especially when you want to download HD movie files. Even if you directly stream them from one of the video hosting websites, the file will constantly buffer, and this can be very annoying if the buffering is persistent. This problem is more consistent when you’re watching HD movies.

Using Vidmate you can download your movies beforehand.

How does Vidmate help you watch movies without an Internet connection?

Many households and public places have Wi-Fi connections these days. Most of these Wi-Fi connections are unmetered which means, you can download gigabytes of data without having to pay extra. At these hotspots, while you are busy doing something else, you can use Vidmate to download your movies.

Then, when you are at a place where a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can watch the downloaded videos without using your mobile data Internet connection. This enables you to watch your movies not just without an Internet connection, but also without constant buffering.

Also, maybe you’re planning to visit a place that may not have an Internet connection. For example, on a trekking expedition, or visiting your relatives who live in a small town or village where the connectivity may not be as strong as it is in a city.

Or maybe you haven’t yet purchased a data pack, but you want to watch a good movie. If you have already downloaded a bunch of movies you will never be short of entertainment in the absence of an Internet connection.

How to download your favourite movies using Vidmate

Vidmate has a very straightforward interface that allows you to download your favourite movies seamlessly. On its home screen there is an inbuilt search function that you can use to search for your movie. Use the title of the movie or any of the words that appear in the movie. Vidmate searches through all the video hosting websites, and even social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to give you a big selection.

You can choose the quality of the movie. You can download low quality format, HD format and various other quality format given to you within the various options in Vidmate.

You can also select the file type. For example, you can download your movie using MOV, MPEG, FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and many other contemporary video file types. This enables you to watch your movie in any video player on your mobile device rather than depending on a single video player. As mentioned above, there is an inbuilt video player that enables you to watch your movies within Vidmate, if you don’t have a preferred movie player.

Watching movies on your mobile phone was never more fun. Whether you have an Internet connection or not, you can now watch your favourite movies if you have already downloaded and saved them with Vidmate. Very easy to use. Very intuitive. Starts and stops downloading according to the Internet connection that you have. It is constantly being updated with new features. New video hosting sources are constantly being added. This is a movie downloading mobile app you don’t want to mess. Download it now.


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