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Vidmate is a free video downloading mobile app that you can use to download unlimited movies from video streaming websites and social media websites. It is one of the most downloaded Android mobile apps of its category. If you want to download unlimited movies, Vidmate is the only video downloading mobile app you are ever going to need.

What makes Vidmate the best video downloading mobile app ever?

There are multiple reasons. It has an advanced search engine that you can use to instantly find even rare videos and movies that are otherwise very difficult to find if you try to achieve the task manually. What happens when you don’t use Vidmate to find your video? You visit the websites one by one. You search for the video. If you find your video, you download it either using an online tool or another mobile app. If you don’t find the video, you move on to another website. The cycle goes on. It may take hours, even days to find the movie you are looking for. Sometimes you may not even find it although, it is somewhere hidden in one of the hundreds of video streaming websites.

The Vidmate video downloading mobile app solves this problem of finding your favourite movies in a few seconds. All you have to do is, use the search box. Enter the title of the video you want to find. It will crawl through hundreds of video streaming websites and social media websites to find your video. Any reference to the title will be listed in front of you.

Vidmate doesn’t just find your videos and movies. It also gives you different options like the quality of the video, the duration of the video or whether you want to schedule the download of the video or want to download immediately. You can even stream the video if you don’t want to download it. The power is in your hand.

Download unlimited movies with Vidmate and save them locally on your Android mobile phone

This app is a free app. You can download as an independent installation file. You will need to download one of the versions of Vidmate.apk. You don’t have to purchase the app.

You don’t even have to pay for the movies that you download using this app. Provided you have unrestricted Internet connectivity, you can download unlimited movies and save them locally on your android mobile phone.

What makes it possible to download unlimited movies using this video downloader app?

Vidmate can crawl through hundreds of video streaming websites. It can also find videos on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. So, there is no scarcity of videos that can be downloaded using Vidmate. All you need is, a good Internet connection.

You can use public Wi-Fi to download your favourite movies if you want although, even in offices and at home, many of you these days get unlimited Internet connectivity. This is good for downloading unlimited movies. All you have to do is, find the movie you want to download and set Vidmate to download it.

Haven’t got enough space in the internal memory? By default Vidmate saves your downloaded movies on an SD card. If your mobile phone allows you to add an additional SD card, even better. Then you can use both the SD cards to download and save all the movies that you want to download.

The movies are downloaded as independent video files. You can choose formats such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV and a host of other video file extensions. This way, you can watch your movies in your preferred video player app. You can also transfer the movies that you have downloaded to different devices.

Download unlimited movies with Vidmate and save them on your PC or laptop

Wondering if you can use Vidmate to download unlimited movies on your Windows PC or laptop? You certainly can. All you need is an Android runtime environment, which you can get by installing BlueStacks. It’s a small piece of software that you can quickly download and install on your PC or laptop. Once you have installed it and set it up, you can install the downloaded Vidmate.apk file through it. It will allow you to run the Vidmate Android mobile app just like on your Android mobile phone. You can search for your movies. You can download them in whichever manner you feel like. Then you can save them locally as independent video files.

Why user download movies using Vidmate instead of streaming them in real-time?

You want to enjoy your movie uninterrupted. Ideally, with abundant Internet connectivity, you would like to stream your movies in real-time. In fact, wherever possible, to save space on your local mobile phone, it is better to stream your movies rather than downloading them and saving them. Nonetheless, Internet connectivity is never consistent. When you stream your movie, even HD movie, the quality is slightly reduced by the streaming service so that the movie doesn’t stop in case your Internet connection is slow. You don’t enjoy the actual quality of the video when you are streaming.

Another reason why people download movies using this app instead of streaming them is that you cannot sometimes watch a movie when you have a good Internet connection. You don’t have time. You are busy. There is no privacy. There can be tens of reasons why you cannot watch the movie when you have a good Wi-Fi connection. You will only be able to watch your movie some other time. But the problem is, by that time you may not have a good Internet connection. Maybe you are travelling in train. Maybe you are sitting in a remote food stall without a Wi-Fi connection. You don’t want to use your mobile data. For that time, you want to save your movies.

Movies always play better when you have downloaded them. With mobile phones coming with lots of space downloading and saving movies isn’t even a big problem. These days you can download and save hundreds of movies on your mobile phone or the attached SD card.

How are you enjoying the unlimited number of movies that you are downloading using Vidmate? Definitely share your experience with us.

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